This report says that an ex KGB spy claims his people not only infiltrated the Vatican in the early 1960’s but provided false information that was the basis for the play “The Deputy”, which started the urban legend that Pope Pius XII was an antisemite and pro Nazi.

The campaign was greatly successful:

“Today, many people who have never heard of ‘The Deputy’ are sincerely convinced that Pius XII was a cold and evil man who hated the Jews and helped Hitler do away with them,” Pacepa wrote. Father Gumpel agreed with Pacepa’s assertions, stating that the film was a tool of propaganda by the Soviets. “This was confirmed by the fact that in the countries under occupation by the Communists after the Second World War, the showing of ‘The Deputy’ was obligatory at least once a year in all big cities,” he said.

On the other hand, the Vatican does point out the need to take these new revealations with a bit of skepticism:
Father Gumpel concluded by urging caution when reading the work of former spies: “It is necessary to take into account that spies need to justify their existence, and must give value to things that have very little importance or none at all.”


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