Do you have a spouse who is a sports fanatic? Sports fanatic’s do you have a spouse that can not STAND sports and they just can NOT understand why you love them so much? Then Sports Fan 101 might be for you. Are you thinking about seeing a psychologist to help your relationship? Maybe you should pick up a copy of Sports Fan 101 first, maybe you can fix yourselves instead and save yourselves a lot of money. You can also visit Craigs website where he has created a self assessment for his readers to see where they are spending all their time. You can also find out more about the book and what other people are saying about it. 

I decided to read Sports Fan 101 because I am a non fan of the sports world and my husband well let’s see from the time he gets up the sports stations are on and do not go off till he go’s to bed, then do I get to watch what I want, but other then a few shows now and again I really do not care about television, so I do not make a big fuss about it, well maybe on occasion I do get fed up with the flipping from one sport thing to the next, only to watch 15 minutes here, then he will flip over to another station and maybe he will watch 5 minutes there and flip over to some other station over and over he does this. Crazyness.

I’d say Sports Fan 101 gave me some insight on the matter, I learned a few interesting things about some of sports history also.
I was touched in chapter 16 titled 9/11 and Sports, Craig states “Baseball was the first sport to resume play on the Monday following 9/11, Nationalism was never higher and Americans stood together with flags in hand to support our country and our lifestyle.”

Craig goes into detail about the many different types of sport fans like the Fanatic, the Super Fan, the Casual Fan, the Sometime Fan and the Non Fan. Which one do you fit into? Craig really has a way of putting things into perspective, when it comes to the Fan and the Non Fan, from reading the book I ‘d have to say he has had some life experiences dealing with sports and relationships. Stay tuned for my interview with Craig Bender in the near future and maybe we can find out what type his fanmanship is.

Lisa Jones

You can get a copy of Sports Fan 101 through Authorhouse.



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