In the introductory article I made mention of the well known Russian psychic Nina Kulagina. There is enough black and white film evidence that still survives today that begs the question, did she really have the powers to remotely control objects?

Do photographs and video prove facts, or not?

That is a very deep question. A good friend of mine is Charlie Boswell, he is the Director Of Media And Entertainment for chip giant AMD. Much of his time is spent with Film Makers and digitally creating surreal realities for the silver screen.

Of course Charlie Boswell has the benefits of hugely powerful computer hardware and software that would make make the average would be film maker drool. He can put any actor in any scene, and make them perform any feat. It is a very far cry from watching Batman and Robin scaling the outside of a building in the 1960’s TV program.

Fifty years have passed since Batman and Robin, and the technology has evolved a great deal. In fact it is so good today that one must question almost everything you see.

Back in the 1950’s there were no CPU’s, GPU’s, APU’s or any other sort of U. Special effects in movies were fun, but crude. Flash Gordons’s spaceship was nothing more than a firework flying down a guide wire!

So, we come back to Nina Kulagina are the well known videos real? I invited award winning author p.m. terrell to offer her thoughts?

Thanks for having me on your blog today, Simon. I find the concept of psychic spies fascinating. There are those who believe that every person is born with psychic abilities, just as we are born with muscles. And while some have strengthened our physical muscles to the extreme—bodybuilders like Mr. Universe—others have strengthened their abilities to perform psychic phenomena. Part of it lies in abilities we were born with; part lies in talent; and part lies in training and dedication to the craft.

There are others who have limited or no genuine ability at all but who use smoke and mirrors to convince others that they, too, are psychic. Throughout the centuries they’ve been known as charlatans, magicians, or frauds. And as they have practiced their craft—that of illusions—some have become extremely talented at tricking us.

One of the facets of the programs the United States Government embarked on was moving psychic phenomena, particularly remote viewing, to a science. As technology has advanced, so have our means of verifying or debunking psychic abilities.

Nina Kulagina is a fascinating study in the Soviet Union’s psychic program. By some accounts, she was able to perform psychokinetic functions under controlled circumstances and environments. Supposedly, her ability to perform tasks such as separating egg whites from yolks without touching them could lead to separating warheads and disarming an opponent.

However, there are critics of Kulagina’s abilities who believe the Soviet Union was engaging in a propaganda war and that Kulagina herself was no more than a skilled magician. And that the United States’ program was in turn a form of propaganda, designed to give the Soviets the impression that we had advanced far beyond them in the realm of psychic phenomena.

Was Nina Kulagina a genuine psychic or a charlatan? When watching the video…  with the naked eye, it’s impossible to tell whether she has thin wires moving from her hands to the objects she is moving. We only have the word of the Soviet scientists standing nearby that her heart rate increased and she suffered physical side effects from her exertions. In 2007, Paranormal TV ran a program in which they analyzed Kulagina’s abilities as well as other Soviet psychics…

if the Soviets truly did manage to harness psychic abilities for the purpose of destroying their enemies, it is a truly frightening scenario.
What do I believe? That both programs contained a bit of both genuine psychic ability and smoke and mirrors. The propaganda war cannot be taken too lightly; its power often outweighs any actual abilities. On the other hand, there are many things in our universe that we do not fully understand or appreciate. And genuine psychic abilities just might be one of them.What do you believe?In my mind it is not so much a question of believing or not believing, but one of following the facts. Clearly both the US and USSR took this as a very serious line of research. What is less clear are were either, or both sides successful?

Simon Barrett

p.m.terrell is the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of more than a dozen books, including six suspense/thrillers, two historical suspense/adventure, one book for authors and four computer how-to books. Her Black Swamp Mysteries series began with Exit 22 and continues with Vicki’s Key (release date: March 2012) which introduces a CIA remote viewer, Vicki Boyd. For more information, visit

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