Some stories do indeed take on their own life, and the one concerning Eliot Spitzer is a great example. In other parts of the world the fact that he engaged the services of a high priced hooker, would have not even made it to page 27 of the worst local newspaper. Had this happened in France or Italy, the average response would have been, “So what”. But the US is a different beast. Yes there is the aspect of personal morality, but the key in that phrase is the word ‘personal’. Do I agree with what happened? No, I do not, but neither do I agree with him being hounded.

This morning I was watching my local TV station, one that had never even heard of Eliot Spitzer prior to them reading about his problems in the newspapers. Their angle was to interview a University of Alberta professor who postulated that Eliot Spitzer is a sex addict! Now I think that is going a bit far, he may have been stupid, and he may have no personal money management skills, but does that really matter? Does his predilection for $4000 an hour Ho effect his ability to govern?

Of course there are questions as to what a 4k Ho offers that the low cost ones don’t, but I guess Eliot is unlikely to tell us. At least Bill Clinton didn’t pay for the service. That’s why he was president and Spitzer was only a Governor! Interns rule! I’ll bet Bill is salivating at the prospect of ‘Monica two’.

The MSM (Main Stream Media) were obviously having a slow news day, and have created a monster, what at best should have been a family fight, has disintegrated into ruined careers, and likely lives.

Simon Barrett

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