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SPIDER-MAN 3 is interfering with James Franco’s studies as it is leaving him with no time to attend classes.
Late last year, Franco, who plays Peter Parker’s friend-turned-foe Harry Osborn in the Spiderman films, went back to school in order to major in creative writing at UCLA in Los Angeles, but he’s struggling to complete his studies.
The increasingly-popular actor says, “I could be done by the end of summer, but because of this movie (SPIDER-MAN 3) and the press, I’m not gonna be able to take as many classes as necessary.”
Franco now aspires to conclude his studies by the close of the year.
Also on the Spiderman 3 set, Thomas Haden Church, who plays one of many villains in the newest Spiderman, became so attached to his character, the Sandman, in the film that once filming was over he suffered a minor bout of depression.
Church says that he spent so much time and effort gaining insight and getting underneath the skin of the comic book superhero Spider-Man’s nemesis, that he strained to release the villain once filming wrapped up.
The Sideways star says, “I’m not out of that mindset yet. I know that sounds like actor bulls***, but you kind of lock into somebody, and Sandman was a very big part of me.”
“I told my fiancée, ‘Man, I kind of have this weird postpartum thing.’ “It was such an intense part of my life for the past two years.”
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Sources: Starpulse

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