I feel I must warn you that the following news item is not for the weak of heart or easily creeped out…

Jesse Courtney, a 9-year-old in Oregon, is hearing his mother a little better these days since Dr. David Irvine removed two spiders from Jesse’s left ear canal. Jesse had complained of an earache and when the good doctor examined him, the spiders’ new home was discovered. One of the spiders was dead when Dr. Irvine flushed it out and the other one came out alive. Jesse told his parents he was hearing a popping sound, a sound like Rice Krispies. Then an earache developed so they took him to see Dr. Irvine and the rest is history.

The top bunk bed where Jesse slept is thought to be where he picked up the intruders. I can’t say I blame the kid for not wanting to sleep there now. He appears quite calm and can be seen describing his ordeal here. I think it is time to call a good exterminator. If Robert LeRoy Ripley were still around, I’m quite sure he would be glad to take the spiders off their hands.

There is no mask and leotards yet in Jesse’s closet but he is a modern-day superhero of sorts. Any young man who can walk around with live spiders popping in his ear and calmly talk about it is a Man of Steel in my book. Now if he starts to spin webs, you might want to call someone Mr & Mrs Courtney.





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