The family of troubled pop star Britney Spears has accused the host of the psychology themed television show “Dr. Phil” of breaching their trust after the celebrity doctor made his to-be-personal visit to the singer in hospital open to public. While Britney’s family is obviously furious at Phillip Calvin McGraw for risking their relation with their daughter, Dr. Phil has refused to apologize from Spears saying he just intended to help.

The accusations and clarifications come following McGraw’s statement to “Entertainment Tonight” in which he emphasized on the need of medical and psychological intervention for Britney.

Britney’s family through their spokesman later condemned McGraw for his statement and for passing an impression that they were to tape a program with him on singer’s mental situation.

While the self-help therapist claims he cancelled the Monday’s planned sitdown with Jamie and Lynne Spears citing Britney’s intense situation, the family says it never had planned for such a program and called McGraw’s motives ‘self-serving.’

Britney was hospitalized late Thursday night and recommended a minimum of 72-hour lockdown for mental evaluation after she locked herself up in a room with her one-year-old son, Jayden.

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