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BRITNEY Spears’ paparazzo ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib claims that he is in possession of a X-rated video featuring himself and the star, and that he would sell it if the price was right.

The British snapper dated the singer on-and-off for three months earlier this year -whilst Spears was going through her ‘breakdown’ phase, that saw her sectioned and in rehab. The pair broke up after Spears allegedly discovered Ghalib having an affair.

Now it seems the 28-year-old photographer, seeks to cash in on the relationship by means of an apparent sex tape of Spears.

Reports claim that the video was shot whilst the couple were holidaying in Mexico (just days after Spears was hospitalised following a custody stand-off with L.A Police) and is believed to feature Britney wearing nothing but a pink wig.

Ghalib confirmed the tape stating: “There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries.”

He went on further to tell ‘Heat magazine’: “Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further. I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney.”

A source from the National Enquirer also came forward claiming to have all the inside info. The source described the tape saying: “the video starts with Britney undressing. The sex wasn’t particularly kinky but Britney wears a pink wig throughout!?”

He continues saying: “At one point in the tape Adnan asks the singer to remove the pink bob but she refused. Adnan tells her to take it off at one point and she says coyly, ‘Take what off? There’s nothing left to take off’.”

In the past few months, Britney has begun to get her career back on track, putting this turbulent year behind her; which saw her unstable state causing her to lose custody to ex-husband dance Kevin Federline. Now however, not only does the star seem to have a brighter future ahead in the coming months (with a new single out this month and an album to follow later this year), but Spears was also accredited with not one; not two; but three MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month – winning video of the year, best pop video and best female video categories. Hopefully if this sex tape scandal doesn’t fall through for the star, she will hold her head up high and push to get her life back on track.

This would be the second rumoured sex tape for Spears, following an earlier video purporting to show the star with her then-husband Kevin Federline, which has apparently been circulating since 2006.

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