Despite the stunning loss of both chambers in last Novembers midterm election, The republican party demonstrates on a daily basis it retains a mastery of manipulating procedural tactics to out flank the democrats. While I may regret the inability of my party to move the political football, The G.O.P is out playing Speaker Pelosi according to the rules of the game and She and Senate majority leader Ried need to stop passing the buck and refocusing on the goal line of getting our boys and girls home.

The rank and file democrat, independents and moderate republicans responsible for the change of hands will not suffer excuses much longer. While Speaker Pelosi seems singularly absorbed with consolidating her hold on power she fails to see that unlike past era’s, If she fails to resolve the primarily issue that swept her into power and soon, She will lose her gavel when she loses her seat. While it served her well as the minority leader to follow the wisdom of corporate image gurus, The same elements buy propecia generic online that turned it around then are working against her now that she is the Boss.

She needs to start handing the President and the Republicans there asses on trays when votes are called. Being the leader of the third branch of the most powerful Republic on earth requires a man know how to be a bastard when needed and a woman a ruthless bitch at getting things done. If your not up to the task go cook the men and women who can some dinner Missy.

Senator Clinton who hopes to be President should be very worried. Her victory or loss will depend to a degree on how effective others view Nancy Pelosi as a leader. If by spring speaker Pelosi fails to demonstrate she is able to step up to the plate and play the game then Senator Clinton can kiss her chances of being on the ticket good night.

C.N.N offers more in depth coverage of the democrats piss poor political gamesmanship

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