According to a recent report fifteen Spanish workers have been given the go ahead to sue an American company in a New Jersey state court over asbestos related illnesses. The workers claim that they were exposed to asbestos whilst working on US Navy ships in Spain , and this led to them contracting asbestos related health problems.

The lawsuit against manufacturing firm Owens Illinois Inc had originally been dismissed by a lower court, but has now been reversed. According to the workers they were exposed to asbestos through insulating products between 1950 and 1998. The products were manufactured at Owens Illinois plants.

A lawyer for the firm said that no decision had yet been made as to whether an appeal would be lodged but he added: “I find it difficult to believe that any New Jersey court would countenance claims remaining in New Jersey that have nothing to do with New Jersey, with plaintiffs who have never even set foot in New Jersey.”

However, a lawyer for the plaintiffs stated: “Spanish law will not allow, under the facts of these cases, to file a claim in Spain . That’s because the injuries took place on sovereign U.S. territory — the Navy warships.

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