From The Gathering Storm

Multiculturalism at work – as long as it’s their culture and not ours. That is why is it always Western Culture that should submit? Reuters filed this under “oddly enough”.

MADRID (Reuters) – A school in traditionally Catholic Spain has cancelled Christmas celebrations so as not to offend children who are not Christians, ABC newspaper reported on Wednesday. The Hilarion Gimeno school in Zaragoza said teachers had put forward various reasons for not celebrating Christmas, but ABC said the worry was that Muslim children might be upset.

What about the Christians who were upset? Oh, that’s right. Those vicious Crusaders beliefs shouldn’t be honored.

The school will not put on a nativity play or hand out presents, but pupils will be free to decorate the halls and sing carols.

Good little dhimmies.

“We are educators and we want our school programme to advance the personal development of our students as much as possible,” the school said.

And how would banning the most important icons of Christmas ‘advance the personal development of students”? I don’t catch their logic. Or maybe multiculturalism is not logical?


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