Spanish and Latin American gambling establishments are on the peak of technical progress. From now on, land and online casinos will use face recognition technology. The project was initiated by a gambling regulator.

Similar systems are already in use at Las Vegas casinos. So, passing face control, customers provide an ID. They are also checked for weapons. The surveillance cameras placed in the building take a picture of the visitor’s face, verify the biometric data, and then check the database of criminals and clients who have already been denied in access to the casino territory.

The face ID technology also monitors human behavioral responses, helping to identify cases of cheating in land-based gambling establishments. In addition, the new system is designed to provide the necessary level of safety of visitors. One of the first, in terms of face recognition software innovators, was Gran Madrid de Colón Spanish casino.

In the practice of online casinos, a new technology can be applied as an additional customer identification. Log in under a false contacts or name will be impossible. You can find more gambling news at BGAOC website.

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