This is a personal celebration of sorts.
Today I received my 100th email from some stranger offering me millions of dollars.  Not always the same stranger, and not always the same deal, but ‘always’ a variation on a theme.

You’ve seen them, they start out like this…

Dear Sir/Madame

It is with mixed feelings that i communicate you through this medium
because am seeking a faithful, sincere and reliable foreigner who will
assist me in investing my late father’s fortune in the amount of
US$15,745, 000.00.

This amount was originally deposited by our late father in a security
company in Ghana and just before my parents and two of my siblings were
killed by rebels in our family house in Sierra Leone, my father had
successfully lodged the money at the International Commercial Bank (ICB)
in Accra, Ghana

And you know the rest,  it goes on and on and on.  I’m sure I’ve gotten more than 100 over the years, I get at least one or two a week.  For some reason, a while back, I started keeping track, and today was my official 100th.

Whoa!  Flash!  Stop the presses!

Number 101 just landed in the Inbox, and it’s a whole new wrinkle on the scam.
This one offers to reimburse me for losses to con-men like the one above, but I can only reclaim the first $10 million this year, with the balance to follow in 2007.  All I have to do is send them my financial information, so they can set up my account.  Is this a banner day or what…

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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