There are so many scams doing the rounds online that it is hard to keep abreast of them all. Based on my email traffic the one of the most prolific involves online pharmacies. For the longest time they contented themselves with selling knock off Viagra pills at hugely inflated prices, however there is a new kid on the block. Phentermine is being billed as the next great weight loss magic bullet.

Phentermine is hardly a new drug, I believe it was patented back in the 1950’s. It is also a prescription only medication, and one that has limited abilities in the weight loss world, but comes with a raft of potential nasty side effects.

So question becomes, how do these online pharmacies get away with selling a prescription medicine to the general public? The short answer is they do not.

The FDA would come down on them like a ton of bricks. The entire ‘industry’ is an elaborate scam. It is only when you dig through the very fine print on the web site that the method reveals itself. The wording changes from site to site but the meaning remains the same.

“If our on call doctor does not agree that you need Phentermine we reserve the right to substitute a herbal remedy”.

Now no doctor that wants to keep his medical license is going to write prescriptions for patients he has never even met, never mind examined. So 100% of the time the Buyer pays the full amount for the Phentermine which is in the region of $100 for a one month supply, and actually receives some worthless herbal concoction.

The largest peddlers of Phentermine have actually moved on from the email spam assault and have moved up market into the world of the Web. A storefront is crated to sell the product, and traffic is driven to it by what is known as Web Spam. Essentially they find blogs and web sites that allow comments to be posted. The spammers now have a ready spot to place their ‘come on’ advertising.

A Google News search on Phentermine shows that their latest victims were ZDNet and dBTechno. And although both sites have removed the offending adverts, Google is still displaying the search results.

You really have to admire these purveyors of scams, if they put their minds to constructive schemes they would likely be highly successful businessmen.

Simon Barrett 

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