Ok let me start with a question, what does the ip address of  mean to you? I’ll be honest, it held no interest to me until this morning. A check on comments left overnight showed a huge spike in ‘Ping Backs’. Rather than the regular 3 or 4, there were over 20 of them. Rather than delete them, I decided to list them.








Links intentionally left not clickable. 

I will not bore you with the rest of the very boring list. All of the sites shared a commonality. The site is different in design, even the content varies, but they are all the same. A dead give away are the advertisements. Each site has a banner for a web hosting service named Hostgator. All of the sites resolve back to a single ip and all of the sites end in a web addy of .info. I know that the .info and .biz have not been well received. One issue has to be the cost of registering them. If you can register a gazillion names for pennies why would you bother with a .com that might run you $20?

Note to Hostgator, if you are going to permit your clients to be ‘bottom feeders’ at least get them to scrape the right picture with the right story!

I was not a fan of the .info extension, and this does nothing to change my mind. My advice is to stick your scraped content up your .info!

Simon Barrett

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