My wife surprised me by asking what I thought about Spam. Oh not the sort that you get in your email, rather the stuff that comes in a can. Spam and I go way back. One of my earliest recollections involved Spam Fritters. This was the classic English twist on the dish. It summed up English Cuisine perfectly. Slice the Spam into Spam Steaks, dip them in a really stogy batter, and the deep fry them on a low heat. This ensures that the maximum amount of grease can be absorbed. It is a meal like no other! Slice in and watch the grease encapsulated now form your gravy. You can feel your arteries hardening with every bite!

A Spam fritter covers all of the major food groups, protein from the Spam, dairy from the egg, carbs from the flour, and heart failure from the fat. A sprig of Parsley on the top should fix the Veg issue. A Spam Fritter is something that you will remember.

Back in 2007 I became part of the great Spam war’s. My friend Mark found himself in Outer Mongolia, and at that time Spam was a forbidden fruit in that country. The challenge became how to get Spam to Mongolia? In return for the Spam Largesse he would send me some genuine canned stewed Mutton. Hey whats not to love about that?

It turned out to be a much bigger project that either of us realized. The stewed mutton can shipment was thwarted by US customs. We tried several routes, even going through Saipan, but that can of stewed mutton just could not make it though the system.



I had better luck with the Spam. Yes it took a while, but the can of Spam made it to Mongolia.

Mark was ecstatic, so happy that he sent me some pictures, first Spam in Mongolia:


Mongolian Mark was so happy with this can of Spam, he snapped it on top of a cab.


Quite what a London Cab is doing in Mongolia beats me. But it does demonstrate the power of Spam!

My favorite picture is this one. Most people view the Russian dictator Stalin as a monster, that he might have been, but he sure liked his Spam.


Yes it is indeed a can of Spam.


It turns out that my wife knows more about Spam than she lets on about. When we were dealing with Mongolian Mark, she said nothing. But she lies! Apparently she is a closet fan of Spam. Tonight we are having Spam in Red Gravy.One has to wonder if she is a closet Soviet. Red Gravy? Well it makes you think.

Spam has been the source of at least one book. I liked the book, you can read the review here.

Odd really, who would write a book about Spam? Well there are people even more concerned about Spam than Mongolian Mark.

Long live Spam!

Spam could well be the future of food on our planet! It may be the next step forward. Whats wrong with Lips. bits and private parts? Spam won world war two, lets embrace it!     

Simon Barrett

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