The Blog-O-Sphere has been at least in the primary more capable of picking the winners then traditional media’s attempts at prognosticating. 


Senator John Edwards needs to bury Hillary Clinton in South Carolina margin wise if he wishes to remain a viable candidate for the second spot on the ticket. Miracles do happen and while I do not dismiss his bid for the nomination out of hand, Like Senator Joe Biden, who was my first choice. Unless he pulls an unexpected hole card soon he will lose even the political influence to demand the second spot at the convention.

John Cushman wrote a post in the times that demands inclusion and I have re-posted it below.

January 23, 2008, 10:48 am
An Online Scavenger Hunt on Prewar Claims: What Did You Find?

WASHINGTON — While reporting for an article in The New York Times today, I spent a while rummaging around in the new online database assembled by the Center for Public Integrity, which allows users to do keyword searches of every public statement made by President Bush and his key advisers about Iraq, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction, from just after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, until after the fall of Baghdad.
For all the power of search engines and Boolean logic, and for all the foregone conclusion of the enterprise, there’s still an element of serendipity in this kind of approach to reliving the past. You never know what you’ll come up with. You might not even be all that sure what, precisely, you are looking for. Even knowing that every single document in this compilation has been published elsewhere already, it’s inevitable that you’ll find something to raise your eyebrows.
One striking feature of the material in the data base was the sheer opacity of some of what important people were saying, based on intelligence that most people now acknowledge was spurious.
For example, about ten weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, Tim Russert of NBC News asked Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice whether she agreed with an assessment by the Czech government that Iraqi agents met with one of the hijackers who flew into the World Trade Center.
“In evaluating the report,” Ms. Rice replied, “certainly one would have to suspect that there’s no reason to believe Saddam Hussein wouldn’t do something exactly of that kind; that he would not be supportive of terrorists is hard to imagine. But this particular report I don’t want to comment on, because I don’t want to get into intelligence information.”
Now, was that a lie? Or a demurral? A confirmation, or a non-denial? Hard to say. But if there is one lesson that journalists learn over and over, it is that a fuzzy answer should be a red flag.
Asked what had surprised him during the center’s own look at its data, Charles Lewis, who founded the center, mentioned several things. One was the sheer number of lies — that’s his word; the center is definitely taking a stand on this, referring to the project as the “False Statements Database.” The next surprise he mentioned was how many times it was former Secretary of State Colin Powell whose statements were wrong — second only to President Bush himself. Mr. Lewis said he was not sure why that was so — maybe it was because of Powell’s role drumming up international support for the Administration’s policy. In any event, the observation shows that Mr. Lewis, too, came to the task with preconceptions.
The database is more than just a collection of transcripts with a customized search engine. It also includes newspaper articles, books, and government reports published later, allowing a user to compare some of what is known now to what was said then. (For example, it includes the follow-up reporting by Jim Risen of The Times that helped debunk the Czech report about the hijacker Mohammad Atta supposedly meeting with Iraqi intelligence handlers in Prague.)
Mr. Lewis said that he hoped people would send in even more data, documents, and statements to add to the database. Social bookmarking tools included in the site, like Diggit and, will enable users to combine their efforts and share their results.
Meanwhile, on the first day of the site’s operation today, it appeared to be overwhelmed by traffic — there was quite a lag waiting for its pages to load.
Once the crowd thins out, readers who visit the project, at, are invited to return here and report back on which search terms generated the most striking results and what kinds of things turned up that were the most surprising.
I’ll report back myself, with a couple more intriguing searches and results.


I was disappointingly shocked to discover General Colin Powell tops the list in the Cushman post. The Man had a genuine shot at being the President of the United States at one time.

They are still debating the debate and depending on which cable station you watch, Each of the three remaining candidates either kicked ass or was handed it back in a paper sack.

I do wish the “traditional” pundits would decide if Bill is an asset or hindrance to Hillary, they change their mind as often as the N.S.A “interrogators” as detail emerges about the torture of folks who turns out were not only not terrorists but didn’t even know any friends who knew any one who might have supported the kind of folks who as the President says, Emboldens that type of thinking.

I tell ya boys and girls, if you thought a couple years ago that your “kind” of republican was going to take over when dubya was sent packing to Crawford. And you actually believed future courts would uphold the “definition” of torture. Defined by those prestigious alumni of Pat Robertson’s bible law and typewriter repair academy staffing Justice. That it Would be your shield when the truth outs and shit hits, You as the Aged Knight in the Indian Jones Movie Remarked, ” you choose Unwisely.

And to all you decent hard working, underpaid, would die for your country rank and file members of the intelligence community. You good people you have unjustly suffered under a Porter Goss and buck passing related to executive order 12333.

While most Americans do not follow or appreciate the artistic shading required in expressing displeasure with the political rubes who interfere with your vocation of defending the Republic. I for one enjoyed watching the “bitch slap” you gave the administration over Iran in respect to their weapons program.

In a few months Senator Clinton or McCain will be appointing new directors and I expect the “appointees” and toadies eager to nipple lick the bosses these last few years. Are even now updating their black berries with the names of really good defense lawyers or stashing cash off shore as they glance ferret faced around the clean rooms whilst popping Prozac to temper the anxiety of whats to come.

I am confident Hillary will win, But I wonder what John McCain would do when he saw the “files” having spent so many years literally being forced to eat shit and suffering the embrace of those who get a little wood when they hurt others simply for the thrill of it.

P.S. Burton Blogger Nations

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