Remember the debacle back in 2005 when users discovered that Sony/BMG as part of their DRM (Digital Rights Management) system were in fact installing little bits of spyware on peoples computers? No notice or warning was given to the consumers, and when the news got out, there was close to pandemonium.

In an attempt to fight off a class action law suit from disgruntled computer owners Sony recalled all of the spyware ridden CD’s, and made a small (very small) monetary offering to those who were affected.

I along with most people had thought that this story was long dead, but according to a report from a Billboard writer, that is not true.

Sony/BMG is now suing the two companies that supplied the DRM systems (Sunncomm International, and First4Internet). In an attempt to escape the Sony stigma Sunncomm has actually rebranded itself as Amergence Technologies, that apparently are some kind of Venture Capital operation for start up companies. VC’s tend to have money, so Sony may do well in this suit.

This case should be great fun to watch, and of course the best part is going to be the discovery phase. Just when did Sony become aware of the technology being employed? My guess is that they knew from day one, and if they didn’t then they are guilty of a serious technical mistake. And if they did know, they have no basis for the suit! 

The suit allegedly is for $12 million, although I suspect that most of that will go to providing the attorneys involved new BMW’s.

Simon Barrett

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