NDTV Reports:

The BJP on Saturday criticized Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi for not mentioning Nandigram violence in their speeches at the AICC session and questioned whether their ”deafening silence” indicated their approval of the ”mayhem” against Muslims there.

BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad had these stinging words to say

”Beyond the semantics and pseudo-minority tokenism, what is shocking is the deafening silence of the Prime Minister and Congress president over the atrocities committed against Muslims in Nandigram,”

”Does their continuing silence indicate that their conscience has been effectively overshadowed by the compulsion of power and the urge to hold on to it at any cost,”

The word “Nandigram” not crossing their lips even once the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and the “so called” future of the Congress Party “Rahul Gandhi” have failed a critical litmus test of leadership with this Conspiracy of Silence.

By resorting to empty tokenism in the form of an unsigned statement that merely condemned the “culture of violence” while neither demanding justice for the victims of Nandigram, mostly muslim, nor demanding accountability from the ruling CPI-M  the Congress leadership has exposed its hypocrisy.

By not being able to speak for justice and for upholding the constitution even when its so called favorite constituency, the muslim community, has been the worst affected the Congress Leadership has proved to us that lacks both courage and conviction. What is worse it has now established beyond doubt that its agenda for Muslims is purely about appeasement and entitlement and not about real justice.

Offstumped’s poser to the Muslim Community: The Congress President Sonia Gandhi has been taking you for a ride with sweet talk of minorytism. The next time the Congress brings up the Sachar report and the Prime Minister talks about equity for Muslims as reasons to seek your vote, remind them of that one word that never crossed their lips – Nandigram !


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