The son of a woman in the UK that died from the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, four years ago has also died from the same illness. Eighty two year old Lily Towersey died four years ago from mesothelioma caused by secondary exposure to asbestos, which was thought to have come from the clothes of her son, who worked as a carpenter and builder.

Mr Towersey had been fighting the asbestos related cancer for six years, and had been attending regular treatment sessions. He died last month at the age of sixty. His wife, aged sixty four, recently paid tribute to him, stating that if he had worn protective clothing during his career as a builder and carpenter he might still be here today.

Mrs Towersey said: “We thought he had two or three months left. I had been taking him down to Maidstone where he was having radiotherapy. He had one more session to go on the Tuesday but on the Sunday he got out of bed, went to the bathroom, came back to bed and keeled over.”

She added: “Out of all the people he worked with on the asbestos, he was the one that caught it. I felt quite bitter, it’s taken my husband. If he had been told to wear protective clothing he would still be here today. John just said that was life.”

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