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Foul odor over South Jersey baffles officials

Last week, something smelly drifted over a few South Jersey towns, and it was strong enough to permeate some homes.  One resident of Glendora said it smelled like a dozen dead skunks.  Now wouldn’t that be nice to wake up to…

The stench was first noted about 7:00am, and HazMat crews were in the area by 8:45.  Even with the use of chemical sniffers, the components of the odor remained unidentified.  The smell wasn’t just an isolated incidence in the ‘dozen dead skunks’ neighborhood.  Reports came in from Clementon, Pine Hill, Voorhees, Lakewood, Tom’s River, and Manchester.  That covers a whole lot of real estate.  The straight line distance from Clementon to Tom’s River is about 50 miles.

The odor lasted about a day, and then it was gone, with still no clue where it came from.  Historically though, events of this kind tend to emanate from one central location.

News Link: Courier Post

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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