Now we really can play with our food while taking the phrase, “vegging out,” to a whole new meaning.

The “Play with Your Produce Personality Quiz” from Produce for aims to teach children (and the rest of us) to value and include fresh fruits and vegetables as part of our daily diet.

Minus the tedious lectures, that is. We all know most Americans do not eat much, if any, servings of fresh vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. Our national plates are usually piled high with overcooked brown and beige chow but not nearly enough of the colorful, fresh kind.

Produce for Kids cities a study conducted by the Perishables Group, which found that just 18 percent of the parents polled said their children eat the recommended three or more servings a day of fresh fruits and vegetables.

But Orlando, Fla.-based Produce for Kids, a nonprofit founded by an onion marketing firm, aims to instill better eating habits via creative, amusing things to do. The produce personality quiz, available on Facebook at, is part of the fun.

We all want to know what type of fruit or veggie we are, right? I tested out as a carrot. I would be delighted to be long and slender. My figure looks more like a potato.

Offering a mouthful of possibilities for endless puns, this quiz gives give us all something helpful to chew on.

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