I just received this op-ed piece from TJ Hart. I think he sums up the situation quite well – Simon

I just had to break up another stupid fight on my Twitter site today.

Once again, some in the blogosphere have appointed themselves God and are passing out their judgment on the parents of killed or missing children.

Diena Thompson’s lawyer said the family does not think Somer knew the person who kidnapped and killed her. Investigators said the 7-year-old Somer disappeared on her way home from school in Orange Park, Fla. The search came to a tearful conclusion when her body was discovered in a Georgia landfill days later.

Diena’s been doing a lot of interviews on national TV shows. Now she’s getting criticized by some people for it.

She’s getting hate mail and calls.

“I wonder what kind of person would attack me when I’m already down,” said Diena.

People are calling her a bad mom, among other things, for letting her kids walk home from school.

It is not much different than some of the nasty things some bloggers are saying about the Haleigh Cummings disappearance one county south in the town of Satsuma, FL.

Although there is plenty of suspicion and bizarre behavior to go around involving Haleigh’s family members, there are also those on the internet who as so hateful on all sides of this equation that one would think a civil war involving old ladies swinging purses is about to erupt.


·         Appear to have a distrust of police

·         Appear to hatred for men in general

·         Appear to revel in the shortcomings of any woman

·         Appear to have a strong need to find an alliance of like-minded opinion-makers

·         Most don’t even live in area—let alone in the state of Florida.

What has spawned this behavior as of late?

This reporter doesn’t know the answer, but he is very shocked at its existence.

TJ Hart

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