I am sure everyone that reads the articles that I write remembers little Somer Thompson. She was only 7 years old and she was last seen on October 19, 2009. She was walking with her twin brother and her older sister on their way home from school. The story goes that the three siblings apparently got into a fight prompting Somer to run ahead of the others towards her home and she had not been seen since.

After combing the neighborhood looking for little Somer, her mother, Deina Thompson, flagged down a sheriff’s car she saw patrolling and reported to them that her daughter was missing.

Two days later Somer’s lifeless body was found in a landfill located in Georgia. Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler said the legs of a child were sticking out with the rest of the body covered with garbage. Her little body was identified by her father, Samuel Thompson by a circular birthmark on her chin.

The monster that murdered this little girl remains unknown but the investigation has not stopped. They are still working on the case but there was an article published on Thursday January 14th, 2010 reporting that apparently a school social worker reportedly warned Diena Thompson about the danger of the child walking home from school as long as a year before she was killed.

The worker told the Department of Children and Families that Somer and her siblings has got lost at least one time while walking home from school and they were found in the woods with a stranger. The DCF supposedly investigated the complaint and concluded the allegation had no basis. They say that the girl’s mother had properly arranged for her children to be taken to and from school.

After reading an article in a Florida newspaper about this investigation, Somer’s father, Samuel Thompson, can’t help but wonder whether something could have been done to protect his little girl. “It seems top me somebody took the eye off the prize,” said Thompson.

According to the newspaper the worker had suggested that Diena Thompson needed to pay more attention to the children’s safety. The article also said that the department also found that the risk of the children walking the mile that separated their house from school when necessary was low.

Although Samuel Thompson isn’t trying to lay the blame directly onto anyone he feels that the fact that there was someone concerned about the well-being of his children does raise some questions. He said he wasn’t aware that there was ever any such investigation involving the DCF regarding this issue. He can’t help but wonder now that perhaps if the allegations had been handled better Somer would still be with them now. He has to ask if in fact the children walking home from school was not a risk as they say, “Why is my daughter not here with us?”

Now that is a good question, because somehow something went wrong. Someone was wrong about their judgment. Somer was grabbed, murdered and her little innocent body was dumped at a garbage dump like household garbage and the persona or persons responsible are walking the streets free right now. They need to be caught and dealt with. They should never be free to walk our streets again. We don’t need nor do we want trash like that walking our streets. As American citizens we have the right to demand that the REAL trash be removed from our society.

I realize we can’t pick out every deranged murderer on the streets unless they have already committed the murder. But that doesn’t mean that the ones we know are guilty can’t be held behind bars until they die to keep them from preventing this from happening again. Why should we as citizens of this country have to live in fear for the safety of our children just because some crazy lawyer finds a loophole to get their clients off the hook only to set them free to commit the crime again? The answer is we shouldn’t have to. Once they kill someone they should never be free to do so again. If the prisons are overcrowded I’d rather see someone that is behind bars for too many speeding tickets to be released so there is room to keep the murderer behind the bars.

Once someone takes a child’s life they should lose ALL their rights to have a fair trial, or to express their constitutional rights. They should automatically lose all that. If they are found guilty of the charge the government should use the tax payers money wisely and keep these prisoners behind the bars.

I agree with Samuel Thompson when he thinks about his daughter. He said, “She is the one who didn’t get to go to prom, have a first kiss. She is the one who has been let down.”

The sad thing is that it isn’t only Somer being let down. Our government and our laws are letting the future of our country down. Our children are the future of this country, of this world and if they continue letting them down our world has no future. Who will be the blame then?  Something has to change. Please help us change our laws. Please help us protect our children!

Jan Barrett

As a favor to our readers I am posting these web sites. Please consider signing these petitions. Something has got to be done to protect the future of the world which is our children:

Stop the abuse and murder of the children in the U.S.



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