Someone Would Have Talked
Larry Hancock
JFK Lancer
ISBN: 0-9774657-1-3

Every century has defining moments, every person has defining moments in their life, it could be that first kiss, maybe the birth of your first child. It is a defining moment. It is a moment that the world changes.

In the 20th century there were several defining moments, however the one that is most lucid in my life happened on November/22/1963. Even though I was only 8 years old I remember this day, the day that John F Kennedy lost his life in Dallas, Texas.

It is one of those strange things, if you are old enough to have been alive in the early 60’s you remember that day, you remember where you were and what you were doing when the news hit.

The assassination of JFK shocked not just a nation, but the whole world. Even though it is now over four decades old it is still the subject of much discussion. The conspiracy theories abound, was it the CIA, was it the Russians, the Cubans, or maybe it was aliens! Over the years many different viewpoints have been put forward.

My research shows that about the only common theme between all of the theorists, and indeed historians is that the official version, the ‘Warren Report’ is wrong. Whatever did happen in Dallas was not what the ‘Warren Commission’ would have us believe. The JFK assassination has to be the holy grail of the conspiratorial population.

Someone Would Have Talked is a new book that takes a slightly different approach to the events leading up to, and after the assassination of JFK.

At 620 pages Someone Would Have Talked is not a quick read. Much of it concentrates on little known figures and weaves a complex web of intrigue involving many different organizations. This is a book that you probably need a pad of paper and a pen so that you can make notes. I found myself frequently flicking back to re-read a section.

Larry Hancock has obviously invested a huge amount of time in writing this book. There have been several documentaries detailing the physical forensics of the JFK assassination; this is a forensics study of the people involved and their interrelationships.

Larry Hancock walks us through the convoluted world of the early 60’s, the cold war was in full swing, Fidel Castro’s rise to power, the dissention from Cuban exiles, the Bay of Pigs disaster, the Kennedy agenda, are but a few of the subjects that all fuse together in this great book.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a history buff, and certainly the JFK assassination has been a subject that has always interested me. Someone would have talked certainly opened my eyes to many facts that I was not aware of.

Were Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby just patsies in a larger, grander scheme?

The evidence is clear that what the public was given with the Warren report and the subsequent House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) investigation is a very sanitized version of events. Those aspects that did not fit into the official view were quietly swept under the rug. A good example of that is Lee Harvey Oswald, the official version would have you believe that he was a slightly deranged loner, this is most definitely at odds with the both the anecdotal and factual evidence.

What is truly amazing is the interplay between the pro and anti Castro camps and the CIA. Historical documents cited in Someone Would Have Talked show that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby not only had dealings with these factions, but may well have known each other through mutual acquaintances.

To reveal more details would spoil the read. If you are interested in contemporary US history this is a must have book for your collection. To complement the book there is a large and compendious web site that contains copies of much of the original research material. Even if you do not buy the book, the web site is worth a visit.

Larry has graciously agreed to an interview and I will be publishing that in the next few days.

Someone Would Have Talked is available at fine bookstores or can be purchased online through JFK Lancer Productions & Publications.

I had the opportunity to interview Larry, and you can read it here.

Simon Barrett



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