Back in the 90’s I wrote a series of humorous stories about my my youth. I have been involved in the Book world for many years. Rule 101 for authors is to stick to subjects you know well. Don’t base your book in a city that you have never spent time in.

I decided that I would select family members to be my subject. My favorite uncle was Uncle Eric, a lovable scoundrel whose base of operations was a pub, the Horse And Harrow.


The Barrett clan had beer in their veins, my father ran the Hare, this was a Postcard made in 1912.

And my cousin Brian the Fox. The Fox is an important part of the Barrett heritage. My grand parents had owned it and was where both Uncle Eric and my father Gus was born

Most of my stories have been lost however thanks to the internet a few survive.

Why republish them? The glib answer would be “Why not”, the truth is somewhat different, Facebook made me do it! I got a message one day from my cousin Kim, the last time I saw her was was over 20 years ago at my fathers funeral, very Barrett event! The tea and scones were replaced by fine Morelands beer at (of Course) a Barrett run pub.

Kim’s dad was Brian Barrett, and Kim is continuing the fine Barrett tradition of running pubs. Her home is the Wagon and Horses.

A pub I knew well!

So I have dusted off the stories that I have been able to find, I hope you enjoy them.

An Introduction To Uncle Eric

Uncle Eric And The Sweet Beer

Uncle Eric And The Long Arm Of The Law (Part 1)

Uncle Eric And The Long Arm Of The Law (Part 2)

Uncle Eric’s Buddy Bas

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