I have been writing about missing kids for some time now hoping that somehow someone would read my articles and have some information that can find some of them at least. I can only imagine the fear a parent or a grandparent feels when their little one disappears and they don’t know if they are alive or dead, or if they are somewhere being taken care of or hurt.

Today as I was going through the missing children alerts that I get every day, I noticed something different which I thought would be well worth writing about. When you have a child missing and you are desperate to find them, there could be no better news to hear than to find out the child had been found and was alive and well. And they will be returned to your loving arms.

The first case I read about was where a 13 year old child, Skylar Kessler had been reported missing this morning. His mother told the Spokane, Washington Police that when she got up this morning he was gone. Skylar was considered to be a developmentally disabled boy that functions at the age of 8.

The good news is that young Skylar has been located and he is safe and he has been returned to his mother. They found him on a STA bus just before 10:00 this morning.


This morning a man went inside a gas station in Covington, Kentucky, to pay for his gas and while he was inside two suspects jumped into his Van and took off in it. 4 year old Jackson Day was inside the Van when the suspects took off. Day’s family along with emergency crews immediately started searching for the 2005 Dodge Caravan on both sides of the Ohio River.

Around 10:15 this morning a Cincinnati firefighter spotted the child walking around the front of the van alone. He notified the police who then notified the boy’s parents. The child’s grandmother mother, Judy Day said, “I just can’t express the thanks to everybody who’s been out there looking for this little guy.” I can only imagine the joy they had to get Jackson back home with them.

Around 11:00 this morning the two suspects were seen going inside an Arby’s restaurant. Police arrested Kevin Gosney, 38, and Dawn Dixon, 25 while they were at the restaurant and they are being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center and will be extradited to Kentucky. I say “Bravo” to the Fireman and the police in Cincinnati and Kentucky for their quick response to the reported missing child call. The child is safe now thanks to them and he has been returned to his parents.


On March 16th I wrote an article about a 13 year old girl Vail, Arizona student disappeared. When her father returned home she wasn’t there. The family was a bit concerned because they said it seemed as though there was evidence of a struggle in their home. There was broken glass on the floor and none of her things were gone. Other leads gave the authorities reason to believe that Ashley Kingsbury had run away with a 19 year old man that she met on the internet named Jordan Anthony.

This morning a bank teller in Galveston, Texas noticed the two and recognized them and then called the Puma County Sheriff’s Office to report it. The Galveston Police were notified and soon after they located the two on a local beach in Galveston. They were taken into custody and now charges are pending.


This is three cases that ended with good news. I wish all the missing children cases would end like this. Of course it would be better if there was never a case to begin with but we all know in this day and age you never know if your child might be the next one to disappear. It can happen to the richest or the poorest families, so please don’t ever think this kind of thing only happens on TV or to others. Be careful and please keep an eye on your children.

I wish other cases such as the searches for Zachary Pittman, Haleigh Cummings, Adji Desir and Caylee Anthony would end like the above three cases have. We now know what happened to little Caylee but we don’t know where the others are but they are still searching for them and they will always be looking for them. We are determined to keep these kids names out there until they are found. Please keep praying for these children. They need us. God bless each of them and the families they have left behind.

You can find other articles that I have written on our sister site, at narwo.com. It is so sad to see just how many children are missing and not found. I continue to pray for them all.

Jan Barrett

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