The Atlantic City Police ask for help in a case where no one was hurt and nothing was stolen. In fact, the appearance of an odd item began the whole ordeal.

On November 19, 2007, a tombstone was discovered around 10 a.m. in the street at the corner of Adriatic and Ocean Avenues. According to Sgt. Monica McMenamin it weighs more than 300 pounds and it should mark the grave of a girl who died in 1947.

Sgt. Gene Maier found the tombstone. Since its discovery Atlantic City detectives have “notified numerous area police agencies and circulated an informational flier in an attempt to return the grave marker to its lawful owner,” McMenamin said.

All those fliers and requests have come up empty with the truth still missing. So now the Police need your help to solve the mystery of the Appearing Tombstone.

“The stone carries the name Jeralyn Naomi Nesi and is marked with the years “1943-1947.” Police say it’s gray, about 20 by 16 inches, and it’s so heavy that the Atlantic City Public Works Department had to lend help to get it off the street.”

If you can help police reunite the gravestone with its proper grave, they want to hear from you. Please call Atlantic City’s Detective Bureau at 609-347-5766.

Remember there are no cemeteries in Atlantic City. The nearest is in Pleasantville, about 7 miles away.

Tamika M. Murray

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