Sometimes, good things do happen to deserving people.  William Rivenburgh of Schenectady, NY won a million dollars on a New York Lottery scratch-off ticket.  He had served a 10-month tour of duty with the Army National Guard in Iraq and Kuwait.

A million dollars is certainly welcome, especially with the holidays coming up. Rivenburgh lives with his wife, Alissia, and four young children – two nephews, a niece, and a child of their own.

This isn’t groundbreaking news.  People win money in the lottery all the time.  Why should I bother blogging about it?  It’s just nice to know that some of the people who really need the money are the ones who win it.  Also, my grandmother was at the New York Lottery building in Schenectady when they were filming Rivenburgh’s award presentation.  You see, she won over $2000 playing her Win Four numbers.  The winnings were enough for her to be able to pay off the balance remaining on my grandfather’s headstone.  He passed away this past July, and she has been so worried she wouldn’t be able to afford the stone she really wanted for him.

Again, it’s good to know that people who really need the money can win sometimes.

For additional information:

The check’s in the mail – for the next 20 years, Times Union

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