Watching Mrs. Clinton go campaigning looking like a centerfold, it makes me think: This broad is nearly sixty. Where’s the wrinkles?

Presumably this is part of her campaign to be seen as likable.

Do we really want a cheerleader as our president?

Photo: SpencerGreenAP USATODAY

Women tend to be bitchy against other women in this way, but Ann Althouse got it wrong in her comments about this Drudge Photo: 

Althouse writes:

We make high demands on women. A picture like this of a male candidate would barely register. … We need to get used to older women and get over the feeling that when women look old they are properly marginalized as “old ladies.” If women are to exercise great power, they will come into that power in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. We must — if we care about the advancement of women — accommodate our vision and see a face like this as mature, experienced, serious — the way we naturally and normally see men’s faces.

You mean like this one? BrittanicaPhoto

She has lots of wrinkles and looks mean enough to face down a couple million screaming Arabs…

Or maybe this one:  She helped tear down the wall.

Or how about this one? 
She helped found the UN…

Or how about this one? 

CNNPhoto…For you youngsters, that’s the QueenMother visiting the bombed houses of London during the blitz…complete with hat and heels. The royal family stayed in London despite the bombs…. A lot of younger reporters were astounded at the turn out when the old Lady died, but some of us remember.

Actually, only those those who pick leadership for trivial reasons will think that wrinkles alone will lose votes.

What the “wrinkles on/wrinkles off” looks mean to me is that she is calculating about running for president. She is not being genuine, and unlike her husband (or Obama), doesn’t really like people or really understand them. It’s all about image, not reality. And this is more disturbing than a few wrinkles.

Here in Asia, the war on terror has been going on for twenty years, and although there have been a lot of succeses, the last thing we need as president is a glitzy lady who exudes glamour and niceness.
Give me a wrinkled Indira any day.
I agree with the Volokh conspiracy Blog:

I think it just makes her look more down-to-earth: Less carefully put together and more lived-in, an older professional woman on whom time has taken its toll — as it does on us all — but who has acquired the advantages of experience in exchange.

Come on, Hillary, drop the blond lock and the botox and get genuine.

If we wanted to elect a cheerleader, we’d vote for Claire


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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