Okay, I admit it. I’m hooked. I am what they might classify as a Facebook addict – and I’m only two months in.

After some verbal prodding, someone finally convinced me to join Facebook. Well, I wasn’t going to until I saw Howard Kurtz talk about his Facebook page on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” I figure if Kurtz had an account – and also the two reporters he was talking with from the Washington Post and New York Times, I figured Facebook couldn’t be all that bad. 

I have to say, it’s been fantastic. Besides reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years (it really is awesome), I’m using it as a networking and business promotion tool. 

I posted ads and distributed electronic flyers in targeted networks for $1 each, reaching hundreds per community, to promote my new lacrosse book.

I also joined Ryze, LinkedIn, MySpace, and a couple others. It’s reaching a gazillion people for pretty much nothing.
For example, on LinkedIn, on a group posting, my introductory email went to 5,400 people! Immediately, I received connections left, right, and center from quality connections all over the globe – people who were initially connected to people I know, who are also well connected.    

An August 16, 2007 article by Caroline McCarthy I found online regarding the Nielsen/NetRatings for July says MySpace and Facebook were the top two social networking sites. Increased memberships for MySpace were 33 percent and 129 percent for Facebook. LinkedIn is said to have grown twice as fast as any of them over the past year (260 percent for July). Also, Google’s Blogger was ranked as the top blog site in July.
So whether you’re in or out of the social networking scene, it does appear to be here to stay. The thing to watch out for is to not get addicted. It’s hard at first, so allow yourself a time limit to soak up the novelty. 

The bottom line is you can never have enough friends.

Debbie Elicksen 

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