So what is “Merit” anyway ?

If the CPI-Mafioso were to have its way it would give constitutional sanction to this new perverse definition according this to PTI report.

 The CPI(M) on Saturday sought withdrawal of the government’s reported decision to set the criteria of 60 per cent marks for scheduled caste and tribe students to get post-metric scholarships, saying it was against the norms of social justice.

So what rationale is the CPI-Mafioso offering for this perversity.

“The Finance Ministry and Planning Commission who are instrumental in pushing for this decision are trying to impose their flawed understanding to cut subsidies, in this instance at the cost of dalit and tribal students,” the party Polit Bureau said in a statement here.

So let us get this right here. According to the CPI-Mafioso the Finance Ministry is trying to impose its “flawed understanding”.

So what would this “flawed understanding” be ?

That merit ought not to be measured by performance.  Perhaps the flaw in understanding according to the CPI-Mafioso is not about performance being the criteria for merit but that SC/ST students dont perform.

So to all those SC/ST students who have been working hard to perform and realize their aspirations, the message from the CPI-Mafioso is very clear. It does not believe you are good enought to compete. It believes that the majority of you under-perform. Hence it does not want performance to be the criteria to assess merit.

How do you like being stereotyped, undermined in this manner ?

Well thats not all, the CPI-Mafioso wants to go further here.

Observing that the percentage of such students in professional institutions was already “dismally low”, it said such a decision was “against the norms of social justice” and would “lead to further marginalisation” of students belonging to the oppressed sections.

Demanding withdrawal of the decision, the party urged the government to bring an appropriate central legislation to bring private institutions under social control in key areas like fees and admissions.

So to the CPI-Mafioso Social Justice is not about ensuring more opportunities for SC/ST students to realize their aspirations but it is merely about making up numbers.

The CPI-Mafioso’s true intentions become clear with these remarks from Brinda Karat.

“This is part of the government’s drive to enforce subsidy cuts which will be at the cost of the dalit and tribal students. It is highly objectionable,”

This is not about Social Justice anymore. This is about making the SC/ST students dependent on its brand of entitlement so it can use them as a vote bank.

 Offstumped Bottomline: Beware of the Communist bearing entitlements in the name of Social Justice. For these entitlements will lead to a perverse state of affairs where Incompetence becomes the new benchmark for Social Deprivation. The War on Social Justice must continue until the Congress’ brand of Communal Socialism and the Communist Culture of Entitlement have been soundly defeated.

Is the Indian Right upto the challenge ?

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