SOAPnet has relaunched, there is no doubt that with the exception of my wife Jan, no one knows more about the world of Soap Operas than SOAPnet! If you want to find out what is happening in the world of popular TV series this is the place to visit.

To celebrate the relaunch our friends at SOAPnet asked us if we would be interested in hosting a give away of some swag. Well I like free stuff as well as the next guy. But how would we decide who would get the goodies? And the goodies are great, we have a Marc Jacobs designer wallet (money not included), a $25 Barney gift card, a $15 Pinkberry gift card, and a $15 iTunes credit.

After much heated discussion we decided that the best way to make sure that this lovely SOAPnet loot made it to a good home was to run a competition. Alas my knowledge of the soap opera world is a little limited. That is probably because I am at work while they are on, but Jan is the soap diva. She is WikiSoap! If she doesn’t know the answer, there is no answer!

So here is the deal, see if you can answer Jan’s Questions:

Q1) Recently on The Young and The Restless it was revealed that David Chow is the one that murdered Ji Min Kim. What was the original reason that Ji Min came to Genoa City?

Q2) What character had an actual on-air face lift done on The Young and The Restless?

Q3) On Y&R what was Brad Carlton’s occupation when he first came to Genoa City and who did he work for?

Q4) On Days of Our Lives what was the original cause of the Brady/DiMera feud?

Q5) On Days who did Samantha use the date-rape drug on to get to make love to her?

Q6) On Days what did EJ do to get Sami to sleep with him which resulted in her getting pregnant with the twins?

If you think you know the answers, drop Jan a line at

 Hurry though, the contest ends August 20th.

Oh, and there is no point in emailing me for the answers, I don’t know the correct answer for any of the questions! Damn I need to quit my job so that I can keep up with the soaps.

Simon Barrett

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