OK now that we are back to normal in the soap world, here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, Passions, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Sitting on Sami’s hospital bed EJ insists on reading more of Colleen and Santo’s letters. In the letters it explains how Santo’s covered to the priest, about Colleen being in his room when the Sister went there. He lied to him about it saying it was another woman there. This makes Colleen feel guilty.

Nick goes to Billie and asks her for her help. He seems to think the kids aren’t who they are saying they are and he wants to find out the truth. He thinks the kids are too well behaved and smart to have been brought up by China. Billie agrees to help Nick find out what she can about the kids. As Nick leaves the diner with the kids someone is outside following them.

Stephanie tells Jeremy that she slipped to her Dad about what’s going on and Jeremy goes crazy. He tells her he is planning on running when they land so he won’t get into trouble for any of this when the Feds step in. When she gets upset and asks what about her, he asks her to go with him.

Chelsea caught Stephanie crying and asks her what’s wrong. Stephanie tells her that she told her Dad about what Jeremy was doing. Then she tells Chelsea that Jeremy is planning on taking off when they land in Las Vegas even though he told her not to tell anyone.  Jett tells Chelsea when they get to Vegas he wants her to go directly to her hotel room and lock the door so he knows she will be safe. Chelsea confesses to Jett that Jeremy is planning on running as soon as he gets to Vegas and he wants Stephanie to go with him.

As The World Turns

Lily bails Dusty out of jail even though she knows Holden is against it. Dusty can tell something is wrong but she doesn’t want to tell him about it. Lily goes with Dusty to try and find the real killer even though Dusty doesn’t want her to go. Dusty asks some of the girls in the bar if he could ask them a few questions and they recognize him saying he is the guy in the video and the one that killed Cherie so they won’t talk to him.

He and Lily talk later and he says he wishes they would have talked to him because he thinks he could have got some information from them giving Lily ideas. After she leaves Dusty she returns to the bar dressed like a hooker and asks the girls if they know where she can find her friend Cherie and they start talking.

Katie tells Carly if she really loves Jack like she says she does then she would let him go. Carly shows her real colors to Katie and as she turns to walk away she knocks the watch out of Katie’s hands. Just then Jack walks outside and asks what’s going on. Brad takes Carly home and tries to get her to listen to some reasoning.

Jack goes to Carly’s and waits for Brad to leave before talking to her. Once Brad is gone Jack tells Carly how he feels about her going to the party in that dress and lets her know he was not happy about it. He tells her that after tonight they will raise their kids, he will do everything he can to make this easier for them and he will try to show her as much respect as he can but from now on they are no longer going to be friends.
Maddie tells Noah and Luke that she wants to know why they are arguing. Luke tells her they were arguing over her. Now Maddie wants to know why. Maddie isn’t buying it. She now thinks Luke is mad at her when he walks out. Noah tells Maddie there is nothing to worry about and starts kissing her when Noah’s Father comes in and announces that he is very proud of the man Noah has become and how proud he is to say Noah is his son.


Sheridan looks for Luis to tell him about Marty being alive. She just knows that once he knows this everything will change. She finds him in bed to making love to Fancy so she walks away trying to convince herself that she just knows he will leave Fancy once he hears about Marty. While Fancy is on the phone with Pretty someone knocks at the door and its Sheridan. Luis asks her what is she doing there and she tells him they have to talk.

Alistair tells Pretty he wants her to call Fancy and have her meet her back at the mansion. Pretty hesitates but he hands her the phone and tells her to call and that way she can get the little bitch for ruining her life. Pretty is so eager to please her grandfather that she will do anything he asks.

Fancy leaves to go meet Pretty and leaves Luis alone in the bedroom with Sheridan. Sheridan imagines her and Luis in bed together making love when Luis interrupts her thoughts. She tells him she needs his help to find Marty, he is alive. Luis doesn’t believe her and she swears she knows for a fact that Marty is alive.

Pretty puts something in Fancy’s lemonade and proposes a toast as they take a drink while Alistair watches on the hidden camera. Alistair has plans for Fancy once she is asleep.

Theresa tells Pilar that she is sure now that Ethan has heard her tell him about little Ethan and she knows that he is going to forgive her and they can be the family now that she has always wanted.

Whitney has to go identify Chad’s body at the morgue and is asked about arrangements for the funeral. She is left alone with him and Simone walks in and tells her she just heard the news and says how sorry she is. They both start crying.

The Young and The Restless

Jill walks in and finds Amber standing over Ji Man. Jill can’t find a heart beat. She tells Amber to call an ambulance. They tell Jill after trying to revive him that there was nothing else they could do for him. Amber calls Michael in a panic, she is so scared so Michael tells her not to talk to anyone that he is on his way there.

At the prison Phyllis asks if she can make a phone call to check on her daughter but the guard tells her she can’t be asking for special treatment there or privileges. She talks the guard into letting her make one phone call but she has to use the pay phone. She places a collect call and only gets the answering service. So she calls Michael to find out about the baby. He tells her she has been diagnosed with a respiratory infection called RSVP but he assures her that she will be ok.

The warden comes in to talk to Phyllis and informs her that they don’t have her cell ready yet. She asks him if she could possibly make a phone call to check on her daughter and he denies her the call. He warns her not to make any trouble there and they all will be happy. He tells her to sit down and wait til the guard comes to get her. When he leaves the room she looks back at the phone with that look in her eyes. She picks the phone up and makes her call but before she can say anything to Nick the warden walks in and catches her.

Amber questions Carson about him not meeting her to help search Ji Man’s room for the money. He tells her if the cops find the money then she is off the hook but if they find it then they both stand to make a profit.

Jill asks Heather if she finds it a coincidence that Ji Man was killed just before he was scheduled to have that interview. This gives Heather something to think about.

Jan Barrett

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