As The World Turns and Passions were not aired today because of The US Open Tennis, so we only get Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless today.

Days of Our Lives

Bo tells Tony that he needs his help to keep Stefano in the hospital and Tony asks why. Bo says he needs him where they can be near him because they are going to kill him. He then let’s Tony know it would only be a ploy to bring out Andre. Tony is all for it and they have come up with the perfect assassin for it, Steve. When Bo approaches Steve with the idea, Steve accepts right away saying this would be too good to pass up.

Tony tells Stefano that he has always in his heart been a DiMera, and Stefano asks him what does that mean. Tony says it means his loyalty will always be with the DiMera’s. Stefano tells Tony if he will protect him he will turn over the DiMera legacy to him.

Lucas tells EJ that he wants him to stay away from Sami, he says ok and walks away then sneaks back into her hospital room as soon as Luca walks away. EJ seems to recall a kiss from Sami when he was unconscious and she was trying to give him CPR.

Kate tells Lucas that she thinks Andre tried to kill her outside her suite and thinks now he is on to her. Lucas asks her to move in with him and Sami but Kate says being killed in an elevator shaft sounds more appealing. He tells her to call Roman but she confesses that she told Roman the truth about her sleeping with Stefano and now Roman is mad at her.

Roman comes in and Kate and Lucas tells him about Andre possibly trying to kill Kate. So he offers her to stay at his place so she will be safe.

The Young and The Restless

Phyllis is still refusing to go to the prison. Nick says the fever is still high and Phyllis says she is not going anywhere until her daughter is better. Phyllis goes up and gets the baby and announces she is bringing the baby to the hospital.

At the hospital they are in the ER and having to wait. Logan is there and sees Summer. They get the baby in a room and Phyllis and Nick can’t stay in there while the doctor examines her so they go to the waiting room. Phyllis is sick with worry when Logan walks in with a look in her eyes. Summer has an infection and they are running more tests.

The police show up in the ER with a warrant for Phyllis and they arrest her. They handcuff her and take her out screaming. Meanwhile Logan announces that Summer’s infection is serious.

Jack is all upset over what Jill and Ji Man are planning and Sharon walks in when he is talking on the phone to someone about it but hurries and hangs up when he sees Sharon. This leads Sharon to believe that he was on the phone with Phyllis so she is trying to be understanding at his mood from it. Later at the office Sharon overhears Jack with Katherine and Cane arguing  and now wants an explanation. Sharon stands by Jack and cheers him on. Jack tells her everything. Jack has plans of a way to keep Ji Man quiet.

Nikki and David makes plans of their own with reporters to make sure they save Clear Springs. David tells her this is the only way to handle it. Jack tells David he has persuaded Ji Man to not make his announcement. David finds Nikki and tells her to not saying anything yet to the reporter and explains Ji Man might not be issuing a statement.

Amber makes plans to get inside Ji Man’s room and before she enters she hears someone coming and she has to hide. She plans later with Carson to get back into the room while Ji Man and Jill are out. Carson doesn’t show up so Amber goes in alone.

Jill can’t find Ji Man so she calls him and leaves a message on his cell phone as she goes back into their apartment. When she gets in she looks up and finds Amber standing there crying and shaking. She walks over to her only to find Ji Man lying on the floor dead.

Jan Barrett

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