Ok here is today’s update on my favourite soap operas. I have watched most of them for so many years that I almost feel like the characters involved are part of my own family, now that’s sad huh?

Days of Our Lives

EJ shows up with a camera crew to make him look to be a hero for saving Lucas.

Jeff confronts Max on the plane and tells him he is an undercover policeman and that Max was in big trouble.

A passenger on the plane gets a lap full of food after making a play for Stephanie. When the man gets mad Max comes to Stephanie’s aid and beats the man up and when the guy threatens a law suit Jeff slaps handcuffs on the man.

Kayla and Steve get closer to the baby, as Kayla goes through some of Stephanie’s baby clothes looking for something for the baby to wear.

As The World Turns

Carly goes after JJ alone after they take Jack to the hospital. She gets caught by Kit when her phone rings while she is hiding. Carly tells Kit about Silas blowing up her house to kill Carly and Jack and that the cops were all over there, and that they will probably be there anytime now making her accessory to kidnapping and attempted murder, making Kit think twice about helping Silas now. They end up in a fist fight and Carly knocks Kit out and ties her up to the chair.

Brad tries to comfort Katie while she is worried about Jack. Brad gets Katie to clean the house for Emma to distract her mind.

Sophie confesses to Aaron that she can’t leave Cole because she is pregnant with his baby now. As he is comforting her Allyson walks up and sees,


Gwen congratulates Theresa and Ethan on their upcoming wedding while Pilar wonders what Gwen is up to for being so nice. Gwen offers to use her father’s name as an influence to get a marriage license on short notice for Ethan and Theresa but when Ethan privately tells her how much he appreciates it Gwen starts feeling guilty about wanting to hurt Ethan by telling him Theresa’s secret.

Fancy begs Pretty not to talk to Luis. They end up fighting and pretty falls and hits her head and cuts it making her madder. Pretty ends up knocking Fancy to the ground. Someone ends up floating in the pool and Luis finds them.

Luis in the meantime goes to see Sheridan only to find her drowning in her guilt over hurting James. Luis tells Sheridan he can forgive her but he loves Fancy and he wants her to accept it.

The Bennett clan go back and forth thanks to witch craft between Sam’s house and Tabitha’s while Kay tries to get Sam to arrest Spike instead of Jessica. Sam ends up arresting Spike.

The Young and the Restless

The courts wait for Phyllis to show up. The judge threatens to issue a warrant for her if she doesn’t show or if a document from a doctor is presented stating she is too sick to appear or he will hold Michael in contempt of court. Phyllis shows up in time after she changed her mind and decided to go to court. The jury announces that it has not reached a verdict yet.

Michael asks for a mistrial, but the judge denies his request and instructs the jury to continue deliberation until a verdict is reached. Michael goes to the DA to try and make a deal, a deal that Phyllis does not want to go for. Just as she refuses the jury comes in with a verdict.

Sharon invites Brad to go to the gym with him to work out some of his frustrations on the punching bag. Sharon confesses to Brad that she kissed Nick while they were trapped in the vault.

While Victoria and JT look at the photo of the baby from the Ultrasound they start talking about names for the baby.

Cane tells Amber since they were never legally married he wants her to sign a paper stating that she is not entitled to any of his family’s fortune

Janette Barrett

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