OK here it is, another day of the soaps.

Days of Our Lives

EJ tells Tony he wishes Samantha would love him half as much as he loves her. Tony warns EJ that all the Brady’s are in danger and Stephano has no intentions of ending the vendetta against them. EJ then goes to Sammie and Lucas with a plan. He tells them that he believes that Kate is the go between for Stephano to get the folio from Andre.

Nick is at the Blackjack table trying to win the $25.000 that China is demanding from him in exchange for a divorce or annulment. He loses all his money and China find a heart and agrees to sign the annulment papers anyway. Later when he thinks all is gonna be OK he gets a knock at the door and it’s a security man from the hotel letting him know he was asked to delivery these two boys to their Father, leaving Nick shocked.

Chelsea sees Stephanie and Max kissing in the hot tub. When Jeremy shows up Chelsea keeps him from going out by the hot tub. She manages to distract him and when he does go in the room, Stephanie is drying off from the water, and claims she has had enough of the water.

As The World Turns

Rosanna tries getting out of bed and collapses into Paul’s arms. He tells her he is too weak, and she insists on getting to Jennifer and Paul doesn’t tell her Jennifer is dead.

Henry sells all but one of Vienna’s diamonds since they are broke. Maddie is thinking about leaving. Henry is at a poker table gambling. Vienna comes knocking at the door as the last hand is being played and when she comes in Henry tells her they won!

Craig corners Meg to find out why she is staying married to him. After a confrontation with Barbara Meg asks Craig to take her home but not back to the farm. She tells him she wants to go home, she wants to spend the night there with him. Craig tells her he can’t and explains why, then says he won’t share his bed with a ghost.

Barbara calls Paul and he tells her he is bringing Rosanna home then hangs up, causing Barbara to say his name on the phone and Craig and Meg are standing close by but luckily they don’t hear her but do question her being so startled.

Aaron gets Luke to open up to him and he confesses about how he feels about Noah and says he thinks Noah has feelings for him too.


The Justice of the Peace comes in and starts the ceremony for Theresa and Ethan. Suddenly Gwen interrupts and says wait they aren’t ready yet. She tells Theresa she has ordered a wedding dress for her and offers to help her get dressed. Theresa is nervous about it but goes with Gwen and while in the dressing room she tells Gwen she needs to be the one to tell Ethan her secret and she will just not tonight.

Whitney over hears Rebecca and Gwen talking and realizes they are planning on ruining Theresa’s wedding night. As Theresa is walking down the isle Whitney comes in saying Wait, Wait Just stop! She tells Theresa about what she overheard.

Luis walks in and catches Sheridan with Spike and asks what’s going on Sheridan says she knows it looks funny but she can explain. Luis heard her saying she would help Spike escape. She tells Luis that Spike told her if she helped him escape that he promised to get her what she wanted most in the world which was him. Luis tells Sheridan it is over between them and she needs to accept that.

Tabitha throws her back out trying to do the Limbo with Norma and Edna.

Eve checks out Pretty and see her blood pressure is up and tells her she needs to calm down. She tries to look at Pretty’s scar but she won’t let her. Eve tells Fancy she should tell Luis about it before Pretty or someone else does. As they argue about it Luis walks in hearing Pretty yell it is all Fancy’s fault and he asks what is all Fancy’s fault?

The Young and The Restless

Ben tells Jack the public is not happy about his standing behind Phyllis on her charges.

Michael makes it clear to the Heather and the probation officer that Phyllis has never been convicted before. Then the Heather informs Michael that she doesn’t think the judge would be too impressed if he knew that his client was about to flee the state and the country and that was why she was late for court.

The probation officer talks to Nick. She asks him if to his knowledge if Phyllis ever gave him reason to think she was going to leave town.

Sharon tells Nick that Jack asked her if she was the one that told Heather about Phyllis and suddenly she remembers telling Brad about it and thinks he must have been the one. She goes to Jack and tells him but before Jack can respond Ben comes to the door to let him know the probation officer is there to interview him. Jack denies any knowledge of Phyllis having any plans on leaving the country before the trial.

The next to be interviewed is Sharon and the question was asked to her also. Sharon denies knowing anything.  When talking to Phyllis the probation officer notices a wig in Phyllis’s purse which raises questions. Suddenly later a picture of Phyllis holding Summer at the airport is in Heather’s hand.

Kevin tells Jana that his Mom is going to give him the money to pay for her surgery. The surgeon tells Jana and that her tumor is growing and they won’t really know what they are up against until they get inside but there is a chance she may not survive surgery.

Janette Barrett

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