For those of you that don’t know, Friday Sept 7, 2007 will be the last day that Passions will be aired on NBC. If you have Direct TV you will be able to pick up the show where it left off on NBC, beginning September 17, 2007.  It will air twice a day at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm Monday – Thursday. Then none on Fridays but then on Saturdays they plan to run all 4 episodes of the weeks shows.

Days of Our Lives

Steve is at the hospital ready to put their plan in the works. Stefano is scheduled to go home today and Steve says he can’t let him go without saying goodbye. Bo and Roman walk in the hospital room claiming they are there to escort Stefano home when Steve walks in. Steve pretends to be on Stefano’s side calling him “boss” and shakes hands agreeing to all be forgiven. Steve pulls out a knife and stabs Stefano with it. While Roman and Bo wrestle with Steve, Tony slips Stefano an injection to make him appear dead. EJ is hysterical over Stefano being stabbed when the doctor says its too late, he is dead.

Lucas walks in and finds flowers all over the floor in Sami’s hospital room. He asks what’s going on and she says nothing, but she can’t seem to forget EJ’s kiss which caused her to throw the flowers when she threw him out.

Rawlings threatens to take over the plane with Max and Stephanie and the girls on it and Max stands up to him and says he will see what the cops have to say about it, and reaches for his phone. Rawlings knocks the phone out of his hand and hits Max with the butt of his gun knocking him to the ground. Max tries hitting Rawlings with the fire extinguisher but isn’t fast enough. To Max and Stephanie’s surprise all the girls are in on the deal with Rawlings and they all have guns.

As The World Turns

Carly goes to the farm to get the kids for school. While waiting on them she sees pictures on the table of wedding dresses that Katie forgot there. Brad comes in and Carly tells him she knows its over between her and Jack and now she blames him for messing things up for her.

Gwen tells Will she wants Alison to donate an egg for them to be able to have a baby. Alison is all for it and excited about it but Will has a problem with it and tells Gwen they need to talk about this first with each other. After they discuss it they decide they will ask Alison to be a donor and they go to her and give her the news.

Noah sees Luke sitting with another guy and acts like he is jealous. He is curious as to what is going on with Luke and the guy. Noah asks him if Roth is gay and Luke tells him its none of his business what goes on between him and Roth and walks out.

Henry calls the Colonel and asks him to meet with him, that he has something to discuss with him. He tells the Colonel that he hasn’t even met Noah yet but he does have a problem with the kids moving in together and to his surprise the Colonel seems to have no problem with them living together.

Katie and Jack talk about where they are going to live once they are married. Jack gets the paper and they start looking at real estate. Katie thinks they need a 4 bedroom house and Jack says why unless she is inviting Brad to live with them (jokingly). Katie says no of course not, but they need one bedroom for them, one for Parker and JJ, one for Sage, and one for the baby. Jack says what baby, she says “ours”. He asks her is she is pregnant and she says no, not yet. Jack tells her he doesn’t think he can promise to her more than what they already have and she says well she doesn’t think she can settle for less.


The doctor that inserted the device into Fancy says Fancy’s heart stopped and Alistair gets angry and tells him to do something to save her that she can’t die. He brings her back and Alistair whispers to her while she is sleeping not to scare him like that again, that he can’t bare the thought of losing her again. Once again Pretty overhears him.

Fancy wakes up in the room again not understanding what happened, but Pretty tells her she slipped Vodka into her own lemonade and she must have gotten the glasses mixed up. Fancy tells Pretty not to make the same mistakes she made, not to get too close to their grandfather that he will only hurt her too.

Luis tells Sheridan that they can not believe what Spike tells her, that he can not be trusted. He tells her he can’t go through this again and starts out the door.

Whitney tells Eve and Julian and Sam about Alistair shooting Chad and killing him. She told them about Ethan eating the poisonous strawberries and he is in a coma. They tell her Vincent is dead too after falling over the cliff.

But is Vincent really dead? No he isn’t he is alive and now he is out to get Sheridan for letting him fall. He goes to Valerie’s house and blames her for telling his secret. Through the door he appears to be beating someone which is supposedly Valerie and swearing revenge on his mother now.

Tabitha tells Kate the boys in the basement are back for revenge, and they want Endora. She says they have to protect her daughter. While Kate is trying to say a spell the boys come out and lure Endora to them using a kitty cat. When Tabitha and Kate see them they run after her but the boys grab them holding them back.

The Young and The Restless

Sorry the show didn’t air today here in Calgary because of the US Tennis Open. Yeah I know it sucks, but what can we do? 🙂

Jan Barrett

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