Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns and The Young and The Restless.

Days Of Our Lives

Abe puts a guard at Stefano’s hospital door and orders him to notify him if Steve shows up there. Bo said they just hope that Steve doesn’t get past the guard. Steve shows up at the hospital and the guard stops him. Steve tries to make the guard think there was a mistake but he won’t go for it. The guard calls Abe to report Steve showing up and Abe tells Bo. Bo says he is going to the hospital, and Abe thinks it is ok now because Steve left. Bo doesn’t think Steve went anywhere. He thinks Steve will wait around for the opportunity to sneak in Stefano’s room. He was right too. He tricked the guard and Steve got in to see Stefano only to point a gun at him telling him this time he won’t be getting away alive.

EJ shows up at the cemetery at the crime scene and tells Abe and Bo he might have a lead on how to find Roman. Bo tells EJ about how Santo’s lied to Colleen about his wife being dead. EJ had no idea, he thought his grandmother had died years before. Bo refuses to believe that Sami would divorce Lucas to marry EJ.

Andre gets into a car with Roman tied up and his mouth taped in the passenger seat. He tells Roman that he has good news. He is going home.

Sami tells Lucas she wants a divorce so she can end this vendetta and Lucas is so against it that he asks her right out if she is doing this to end the vendetta or is she just really in love with EJ, then waits for an answer. Lucas doesn’t want to get a divorce but Sami says it is the only way.

Kate goes to see Stefano in the hospital. He tells her he has news that will make her happy, it concerns Lucas and his marriage to Sami which gets Kate’s attention. She can’t imagine what he could say, he says it is something she has been praying for, he wants to know what would she say if he has arranged for Sami to marry EJ. Stefano tells her that the only way for the vendetta to end if for Samantha and Elvis to marry Kate starts to kiss Stefano when suddenly they hear Lucas yelling in the hall. When he finds them together he automatically think Kate and Stefano were in on this plan together. She denies it but he doesn’t believe her.

EJ walks into the diner and Sami tells him still no news on her Dad. She doesn’t know if he is alive or dead. She says that if her Father doesn’t show up this whole deal of her marrying him is off. Just then the door opens and its Andre with Roman still tied up, shocking both Sami and EJ. She runs up to him and hugs him crying. Andre pulls them away and tells them to open Roman’s jacket. EJ opens it and there is a bomb strapped to him.

As The World Turns

Meg runs into Barbara only to hear Barbara rub it in that she just bought a new dress to wear just for Craig’s hearing and how much she was going to enjoy it. Craig calls Rosanna and warns her one more time that if she continues going after him and if he is convicted Meg will go directly to Paul. Once off the phone a private investigator comes in and Rosanna tells him she wants him to follow Paul Ryan.

Paul is in old town where Barbara and Meg were but he is unaware that they were there too. He spots Meg sitting there and turns to walk to other way but Meg saw him and runs after him telling him to wait. He tells her they have nothing to talk about but she needs him to answer just one question. Meg wants to know if it is really true about what Craig did. While they are talking the private eye spots them and takes pictures of them together, making it look like it is more to it that there really is. He brings Rosanna the pictures and says he is sorry, and that she can keep the them. When Paul comes in she doesn’t tell him anything.                                                  

Carly tells Jack she has decided to go for whatever treatment they offer her, and she wants the kids to remember her the way she was. She needs Jack’s help in making some video’s of her talking to the kids for them to look at after she is gone. She tells him she is going to fight this for as long as she can and as far as she can.

Aaron finds Sofie’s prenatal vitamins behind the bar. She apologizes to him and promises to find another place to hide them. Gwen tells Will that Sofie asked her to help Cole get started in the music business. Gwen tells him that she knows Sofie is going to have the baby and they are going to need a good financial backing once the baby comes, so maybe helping Cole is what she needs to do to help.

They go to the diner and Cole is there and Gwen tries to start a conversation with him. She offers to show his music to a friend of hers to try and help him but his attitude makes Will mad. Gwen apologizes to him for not trying to help him before now, and she slips and tells him Sofie was still pregnant. When she realizes he doesn’t know she tries to change her story but he just takes off leaving her sit there. Cole walks in at the Inn seeing Sofie holding her stomach then runs away.

The Young and The Restless

Sharon calls Nick to warn him about Jack finding out about her kissing him. He tells her he will take care of telling Phyllis. He goes back to talk to Phyllis at the prison and she was surprised to see him come back. She wants to know if something is wrong. He tells her about him and Sharon kissing when they were locked together in the vault. Phyllis tries to understand and Nick tries to explain. She wants to know how it happened. He hesitates to tell her but she convinces him that she needs to know so he starts to tell her what she wants to know. She asks if they had their clothes on. She asks him did either of them bother to remember that they were each married to other people and he says at the time honestly no. He says that was then and this is now and he loves her and she knows it. She wants to know if this happened a while ago then why is he telling her now. He admits that it is because of Jack overhearing Sharon talking to Brad about it.

Nick tells Sharon that he talked to Phyllis. Then Sharon gets a call from Phyllis and wants to know how does her husband kiss. She tells Sharon she expects to see her at the prison tomorrow for a visit. Sharon tells Nick that Phyllis just called and wants her at the prison tomorrow, and she is supposed to let her know how he kisses.

At the prison Jana tells Phyllis that she will have her back and if they have to when Sharon comes they will take her down together. Jack goes to visit Phyllis to talk about what happened. She tells him that Nick is not in love with Sharon, he loves her and Jack asks if she believes him and she said yes. He says Sharon claims she loves him and not Nick but he doesn’t know what to think.

Back at home, Jack is there when Noah walks in from school. Jack is on the computer and Noah tells him he got him a present for his computer. It was a CD that he made for him with the family pictures on it to help cheer Jack up. They have a collection of pictures of all of them together bringing back a lot of happy memories of them as a happy family. Sharon asks Jack when he drops Noah off to come back home so they can talk. He tells her talk is cheap and then calls Noah saying it was time they go.

At the gym JT asks Victoria to go to Clear Springs with him. She tells him she can’t because she is swamped at work, but he talks her into it anyway. He then sets it up where there will be flowers and such in the room they will be staying and says she doesn’t know it yet but he is planning on proposing to her there.

Jan Barrett

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