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Days of Our Lives

When Abe and Steve open the coffin they were expecting to find Roman in it but were surprised to find Benjy in it instead. Steve pulls him out in a frantic trying to administer CPR but Abe tells him it is too late. Benjy is gone, he is dead. Abe asks what kind of man would kill his own son. Steve tells Abe this is one murder that Stefano is not going to get away with. Abe tells Steve not to even think about going after Stefano himself.

Shawn thinks back at his discussion with Stefano. He tells his family that he hasn’t been alright since Santo’s lied to him as a child about his wife being alive, not dead. He remembers running after Colleen after she announced that she was leaving the church to marry Santo’s. He overhears a conversation between Santo’s and Colleen. Santos tells her he would never lie to her and that she could also bring her little brother to America with them.

As they are kissing her Dad walks up and announces that Santo’s wife is still alive, yet she thought he was a widower. Shawn comes out and tells her it is true, that Stefano said she is alive and living in Italy. Colleen is devastated. She cries and yells at Santo’s. He says he can explain, and he does love her. She wants to know why he lied to her, he said sometimes there are different truths.

Back at the church Colleen is about to take her vows with the church with her Father and young Shawn there for support. Santo’s is there watching with young Stefano. As Colleen turns around and sees them turn to walk out, she can’t handle it. She runs out after them. She doesn’t catch him before he disappears. When Colleen’s father and young Shawn go after her they find part of her clothing on the edge of the Cliff, and they were too late.

Stephanie and Chelsea go to a sorority party. Chelsea seems less impressed with the women in the sorority than Stephanie does. Most of the girls say that in order to get in you have to have a brain like Einstein and a body like…well you can guess. One girl says also it takes things like having money. Stephanie tells Chelsea she was right, they don’t belong to this group but tells her they can stay since she really wanted to join. Stephanie still wants to pledge with this sorority and even Chelsea changes her mind and decides to do the same thing. Just as Stephanie is ready to walk up and get her pin to pledge, Chelsea changes her mind once again but Stephanie talks her into it and they both take a pin, with the girls telling them they won’t regret it.

As The World Turns

When Noah sees the Colonel standing there he pulls away from Luke and says “Dad, I thought you left.” The Colonel says he wish he had not seen that. Maddie walks in not knowing what’s going on and says hi, but the Colonel says this game has to stop right now, all the lying to him. He calls Noah a liar and a coward. He is sick by what he has become, and turns around to leave. Noah asks him not to go, but The Colonel tells him he is not his son anymore.

Maddie apologizes to Noah if she made things worse for him but he doesn’t blame her. Luke says he bets now he is sorry he ever met him but Noah says no, that he doesn’t blame him, meeting him was the best thing that ever happened to him. Meanwhile after Maddie leaves The Colonel is waiting for her and starts lecturing her for lying to him. He wants to know what has made him turn this way and was it Luke that changed him. Maddie tells him he should be proud of Noah.

Noah finds his Father in the bar and says he has something to say to him. His father says he has nothing to say to him. Noah explains to him how all his life he has tried to tell him things but he never made it easy for him. He admits to his Father that he is Gay and that for the first time in his life he is happy for who he is.

Vienna brings in a strawberries and cream for Katie and Jack, being Jack’s surprise for Katie. He goes to kiss her but she stops him telling him she has to brush her teeth first,. While she is gone, Carly’s doctor calls Jack and tells him Carly needs a ride home, the tests have been done and they are just waiting on the results. Jack says ok he will be there as soon as he can and hangs up. Before he can say anything Katie is standing there, and she says “You are leaving me already huh?” He apologizes and so does she. He hopes she can understand. He says he can’t go lie on a beach somewhere while the mother of his kids is here and dying.

At the hospital the doctor tells Carly they are just waiting on the results of her tests now. He surprises her by telling her she can wait for that at home. She is happy to hear this and gets up saying she needs to call a cab but he informs her that he has already called her ex-husband. Carly said this is her decision and she wants to call a cab. He tells her if Jack can’t pick her up then he can’t release her, she needs to have someone there with her to take care of her.

Parker shows up at Katie’s door, and tells her she told him that they could always count on her and wants to know if she meant it. She says yes, they can. He says then will she please tell him the truth, how come she and Jack did not go on their honeymoon and why is Jack with his Mom right now. She gives him her word that he will know everything by the end of the day. Katie then meets Carly and Jack and she tells them about Parker coming to see her. She tells them he knows something is wrong and she thinks they are going to have to tell him soon, but Carly blurts out absolutely not.

Jack agrees with Katie and asks her to call Brad and get him to bring the kids there. Carly says she realizes Katie is right too, she has to tell them, Jack says they have to tell them. When the kids get there, Katie and Brad leave them all alone. They tell the kids Carly is sick, but Sage wants to know if she will get better. Carly goes around it without actually lying to her but Parker knows in his heart she isn’t telling the truth. When Jack takes Sage and JJ out the room Parkers tells Carly he knows there is more so Carly confesses it all to him. When he walks out the room she tells Jack that was the hardest thing she has ever had to do in her life.

The Young and The Restless

Sharon asks Jack what is wrong. Brad says “Earth to Jack”. He doesn’t tell her he overheard what she and Brad were talking about. Brad is very surprised at Jack’s calm reaction knowing he set it up for Jack to hear them talking. When Sharon says she shouldn’t have mentioned anything about that kiss to Nick in the office, Brad tells her she will never have to worry about her betraying her.

Later when they are alone Jack tells Sharon he noticed she looked a little upset when she was with Brad and wants to know if everything is alright. She says yes, but with everything that’s going on she was a bit disturbed and Brad was just letting her vent. Jack tells her that she can talk to him about anything and she says she knows. When Sharon leaves he calls the Prison.

Sharon comes back in and offers to order out tonight for dinner. Jack tells her no thanks and then confesses to her that he heard everything. He knows all about the kiss with Nick leaving her speechless and not knowing what to say. She says it wasn’t planned and she wants him to understand but he says he doesn’t understand. He wants to know when this happened why did she run to Brad of all people. Jack catches Brad at the elevator and warns him to stay away from his wife. Brad tells him if he tries isolating him from Sharon she will only end up resenting him.

Brad finds Sharon sitting in her car and he tells her he ran into Jack. He pretends to be innocent in this and tells her Jack has to understand. She starts crying and he holds her close to him to comfort her, without her suspecting that it is Brad’s fault Jack overheard her talking. 

In prison the warden arranges for Jana and Phyllis to share a cell, much to Phyllis’s disappointment. Kevin goes to the prison to talk to Jana and she tells him that her new cellmate is Phyllis. Phyllis begs the warden to please move her to another cell. She asks if she can at least call her husband and let him know what is going on and he tells her he is aware of Mr. Newman making all kinds of calls trying to get her released but he still refuses to change her to another cell and he tells her that her calling card is empty til she does some more work around there to add some time to it, and he walks away.

Jana explains to Phyllis that it isn’t so bad for her there, that’s since she hasn’t been convicted of anything yet she doesn’t have to do certain jobs around there. Phyllis says so she guesses she will be doing her laundry, then Jana says but she could do things for her too. Jana then offers to let her use her calling card to call home but Phyllis says she already got into trouble for that and then Jana says but she can call anyone so she calls Nick for her.

Maggie goes to Jill and Katherine and Cane telling them that it is possible that what happened to Ji Min could have been in a fight or that he fell. Maggie says that Ji Min could have been murdered, and she asks Cane about a conversation he had with Ji Min before he died.

Jan Barrett

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