Here are today’s updates for my three Favorite Soaps.

Days of Our lives

Bo and Steve are at the hospital talking of this vendetta when Lucas walks in asking if anyone seen Sami, she was suppose to meet him there. Bo tells Lucas that the folio he got from Andre has something in there that concerns Sami and EJ.

Sami tells EJ she has the folio. EJ is excited but she tells him it’s not so good and shows him so he can see for himself. In the folio there are wedding rings and a marriage license, along with a handwritten letter from Santos. Santos and Colleens souls are to be joined together and only then will this vendetta end. The only way would be if Sami and EJ would marry. Sami tells EJ she will divorce Lucas and marry him in order to end this DiMera vs. Brady vendetta once and for all. She does make it clear that the marriage between them won’t be real and that they won’t be sharing a bed, and she will never love him. She loves Lucas and always will. EJ agrees to accept this so it will end the vendetta, so Sami says good then they can go tell Stefano she has made her decision, just as Lucas walks up and asks what decision is that?

EJ and Sami meet with Stefano in his limo. Stefano tells him he was quite upset when he found out that Andre had kidnapped EJ. Sami tells him they now know the terms that will end the vendetta is that she and EJ marry. She says it comes with a condition that her father is returned safe and sound and that is not negotiable. She explains to Stefano she understands the terms, but before they do anything else her father is to be released, and if a member of her family is hurt ever it will be over.

Shawn is at the cemetery and he whispers outloud “Damn you Stefano DiMera, I wish I never would have met you” In back of him comes a voice saying the feeling was mutual, which came from Stefano himself. They talk and Stefano says he never knows, maybe the two of them can help each other.

Stefano reminds Shawn about a night at the Inn when they were kids. Stefano remembers how his Father turned so bitter after that. He never went a day without saying how he blamed the Brady’s. Shawn claims Stefano murdered his sister. Stefano says it was not him, he says Shawn killed her. They start arguing with each other and Bo comes up and pulls Stefano away from his Father. Shawn tells Bo to let him go, its ancient history, it was between the two of them.

Back with the letters from Colleen, Hope reads the rest of the letter. Santo’s goes to Father Mallory and asks where Colleen is. Father Mallory tells him he can not help her now and they argue. Thinking back, Santos runs off looking for Colleen and finds Shawn (as a child) and he asks him if he has seen Colleen. He asks Shawn if he would like to go to America with them all, Colleen, Stefano and himself. He asks Shawn to talk to his sister and ask her to talk to him once more. Shawn tells him no and he runs off. Colleen says thanks to her little brother she has made the right choice, before she made the biggest mistake of her life.

Abe and Steve run to the cemetery once they figure out that Andre had been there thinking that the empty coffin could have Roman in it. They dig it up and find it empty, or so they think. They are in shock when they see who is buried inside the coffin.

As The World Turns

Cole goes to see Aaron and tells him to stay away from Sofie.  He says all the confidential conversations between the two have to end now. Sofie hears him as she walks into the room. Aaron realizes that Sofie hasn’t told Cole she didn’t have the abortion and when Cole leaves she tells Aaron that it is none of his business and she plans to keep it this way for now and walks off.

Gwen runs into Sofie at the doctor’s office and asks her what she is doing there. Sofie tells her it is really none of her business but then confesses that she couldn’t go through with the abortion.

Dusty is missing and the police needs Lily’s help in trying to find him. Holden tells them that Lily released herself of anything to do with Dusty before she left town. The Colonel is about to leave town but overheard the conversation. .

In the parking lot a guy shoots the trunk open of the car that Dusty has been held in and finds him. He was surprised. Dusty just looks at him and the guy asks him what is he doing in the trunk like that. He asks Dusty who did that to him and all Dusty says is Mayer and then passes out. The guy says this is his lucky day, and starts looking for Dusty’s wallet and money. When Dusty starts to come to the guy gives him a drink and tells him someone already rolled him. Dusty tells him to please call the police. The guy refuses and says he can’t deal with the cops and leaves telling him sorry but he is on his own.

Dusty imagines seeing Cherie talking to him telling her not to touch him, and he wasn’t going anywhere without a fight. She tells him he is already gone, he has no choice.

Maddie and Noah talk. She got their damage deposit back from the apartment they were going to get. She found some of Noah’s DVD’s and was returning them. He asks if maybe they can get together one night and watch some together. She says maybe one day but for now it is her that’s holding back. She just isn’t ready.

The Colonel walks in happy to see the two of them together, thinking they are getting back on track. Noah starts to explain that they are not together, but Maddie interrupts by telling them that they wish him well on his trip making him think they really are together again. Later Noah and Luke are talking and Noah grabs Luke and kisses him but without knowing his Father walks in and sees them.

Craig and Meg argue over the charges that Rosanna has on him. He sees it’s apparent that Meg doubts his word now. She tells him she can’t judge him about what he done with those babies because she was just as guilty as he is being involved. She warns him though if at some time during his trial she finds out that Rosanna knew at all what he did then that would prove to her that he was guilty and then she will know he belongs in prison. Craig calls Rosanna to meet with him and he warns her that if he goes to prison, then Meg would be free again and she will only run right to Paul to get him back.

The Young and The Restless

Victoria tells Victor she is happy she doesn’t have to go home to someone with the last name Newman. While having lunch Victor sees the reporter that wrote about Sharon and he warns her that if she ever writes another thing about Sharon it will be the end of her career, however she can feel free to write whatever she wishes about Jack Abbott.

Michael tells Victor he knows that he released that DVD to the press. Michael told him he knows he did it for revenge against Nikki but this will also hurt his wife and he can’t let him do it. Victor said he will not protect his wife, him, Nikki or anyone else.

As he is leaving the club Victor runs into Nikki. He tells her when he met her she had nothing and that will be exactly what he will leave her with.

Jana runs into Phyllis at the prison and starts annoying her. After listening to Jana rattle on Phyllis finally breaks away from her. She goes to the warden and requests a new roommate and tells him why. She says Jana makes her uncomfortable. He says he will consider her request but doesn’t say he will do it.

Brad opens the newspapers only to see Sharon’s face plastered all over the front page. He calls her to let her know he read the paper. He asks her what he can do to help her. She asks him not to believe everything he reads. Brad thinks back, as he looks at the paper, about him telling Sharon that she and him are the couple, they should be together.

Brad sees Sharon at the office and tells her that Jack is guilty of everything and gets her started knowing Jack is in the next room. He presses the speaker phone on so Jack can hear them talking and he gets her to talk openly. He mentions the fact about Sharon and Nick kissing on purpose and gets her to admit it. She says no one else knows. She has only told him. Jack hears it and looks in shock. He walks in the room where they are and Sharon quickly changes the subject.

Lauren comes home from visiting with her mother with a chip on her shoulder. Gloria tells Michael that it looks like Joanna (speaking of Lauren’s mother) but Michael assures her it is more like the looks of his mother. Lauren lets them both have it about how they have been acting. She tells Gloria that when she married Michael she did not sign up for the Baldwin Fisher fiasco’s, and then walks out.

Before Lauren leaves for her meeting, Gloria tries apologizing but Lauren isn’t buying it. When she leaves Michael and Gloria argue and she tells him that she had to get even with Jack for hurting her and her family time after time and getting away with it. Lauren agrees to continue with the plans to stay with Clear Springs which makes Nikki, Victoria and David happy. David tells Nikki he has some unfinished business to tend to then they can celebrate. David meets with a reporter.

Jan Barrett

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