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Days of Our Lives

Umar Abboud is there to get the kids from Nick to take them away. He says it is for their own safety. Nick tells them he doesn’t have them but Umar admits to following him around for days, he knows he has them. Umar calls out for the boys and they come out. Nick refuses to hand them over. Umar punches Nick and knocks him down and starts to take the kids, but Jeremy comes out the room and attacks Umar to stop him.

Chelsea told Jeremy she won’t turn him into the cops, but he doesn’t believe her. She assures him she won’t and finally convinced him. He makes them promise not to tell Stephanie that he was there, he says she is better off without him so Nick and Chelsea agree. Chelsea is impressed with Nick and how he is willing to go that far to protect the boys.

Andre is forcing Sami to choose between Lucas and EJ in order to save her father. He wants her to shoot one of them to save the other and to save Roman, who is buried somewhere. Lucas tells Sami to leave but she says no way could she leave him, while somewhere Roman is gasping for breath in the coffin. Sami pulls the gun on Andre and he tells her he is the only one that knows where Roman is and even though Lucas is telling her to shoot Andre, she can’t. Andre tells her either she chooses or he will for her. EJ says to shoot him, then tells Andre to put the gun away that she is doing what he wants her to do. She aims the gun at EJ and pulls the trigger. Just as she does, Andre shoves her causing her to accidentally hit Lucas in his leg instead. As she is trying to check on Lucas, Andre comes around. She knocks Andre out and then kicks him around til they tell her to untie them.

Sami tells EJ after they take Lucas to the hospital that she has to end this vendetta and that it is up to them. She tells him it says so in the folio that Bo showed her.

Doug and Julie read the final letters from Santo and Colleen. They read where Colleen accepts Santo’s proposal. Hope says that some believe Shawn killed Colleen but Marlena says that she just will never believe that although they all know Shawn is hiding something. In the letters they read where Colleen met with everyone at the church to tell them what she needs to tell them. Colleen got an engagement ring from Santos. She tells Father Mallory and her Dad about her decision to leave the church.

Roman is still gasping for breath when suddenly the coffin opens with a flashlight shining in his eyes as he coughs trying to breathe in the fresh air.

As The World Turns

Paul and Rosanna talk and he tells her the only thing standing in their way for happiness is Craig. Rosanna doesn’t want to keep this up but Paul is insisting on it. He gives her the phone to call the police to report a crime against Craig. While Craig and Meg are waiting for their dinner to come an officer shows up to arrest Craig with a warrant for his arrest. Meg defends Craig but they tell him it has nothing to do with the charges he had on him before. After he has been arrested Meg asks Craig point blank is Rosanna did know about him switching the babies before her accident. He denies it and she says if Rosanna did know then maybe he did run her off the road like she claims he did. Meg goes to Rosanna’s to ask her about the night of the accident but she didn’t know Craig had followed her there.

Katie throws the bouquet and Brad catches it much to Vienna’s disappointment. She says she was suppose to catch it and tells Katie to throw it again. Jack chews Brad out for messing things up in the wedding not knowing why he left in the middle of the wedding. Brad blurts out that he wasn’t with another woman that he was with Carly and she is sick and in the hospital. Jack thinks this is another trick but Brad assures him it isn’t. Brad tells him about Carly collapsing and the cop that found her took her to the police station when they called him. He took her to the hospital. Brad is explaining how Carly is refusing treatments and Jack believes him now. Katie walks in and Jack lets her know that Carly is sick and they will have to take a later flight for their honeymoon. Katie tries being brave and tells him it is ok and for him to go check on her.

At the hospital Jack walks in Carly’s room. He told her Brad told him about her refusing treatments and he wants to know why. She tells him it’s because she is dying and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Carly tells him everything the doctors have told her about her tumor. She and Jack talk about it and she breaks down saying she doesn’t know how she is going to tell the kids. Jack says it is ok, that they will tell them together.

Katie asks Henry to take her to the hospital. She feels she needs to be there for Jack even though Henry is against it on her wedding day. Carly cries more saying she just wants more time with her kids and Jack hugs her just as Katie appears at the door and sees them. Katie walks away after seeing them and hearing Jack consoling her. Carly tells Jack there is no hope, they have done all they can do, he tells her she has to keep fighting,. At the same time she looks down to see the wedding ring on his finger, and gets all excited saying he did it, he got married. Then she tells him he needs to get out of there, to go to Katie and their honeymoon.

Jack goes back to the room where Katie is sleeping. He wakes Katie and tells her they have to postpone the honeymoon. He tells her Carly is dying and he needs to be there for the kids and to help them deal with it. Katie says she understands and that they can always wait for their honeymoon. Jack crawls in bed and tells Katie he is exhausted and wants to just go to sleep, once again Katie says it’s ok, she understands.

Carly tells the doctor she has changed her mind, she will stay and let them do all the tests that they want to do. The doctor is pleased to hear this and says he needs her to get a good night’s sleep first then they will start in the morning.

The Young and The Restless

Jill and Katherine fight off reporters. Now they have to come up with some answers. They start naming all possible people that hate Jack and they finally come to Gloria after she comes to their office door to sympathize with them about the news. They realize that Kevin is good on computers which make them suspects. Katherine wants to talk to Gloria but Jill stops her. She rushes Gloria and Kevin out and tells her mother she needs certain surveillance tapes on certain dates and Katherine wants to know why. At first she says never mind she just needs them but then confesses that she and Ji Min made love on those dates and she wants the tapes.

Sharon stands by Jack after his confession. She tells him how proud of him she is. He tells her if he gets through this it will be for her and because of her. Jack tries calling Paul for help, with no answer. When he finally gets hold of Paul he finds out that Paul is refusing to help him, He and Sharon try to figure out who could have released the tape. They start wondering about Gloria and Kevin knowing that Kevin is a computer whiz. They ask Daniel if he thinks Kevin was capable of doing this and Daniel says that he has never known Kevin to not be able to solve a computer problem. Daniel runs into Kevin and asks him directly if he was the one that hacked into the security, Kevin denies it suspiciously. Daniel calls Jack and tells him he doesn’t think Kevin did it but you never know so he agrees to keep his eye on Kevin for him.

Gloria brings Kevin’s laptop to him at the office at Jabot thinking she has done him a favor and he panics. He said that before he could wipe his hard drive Michael poured water all over it and now he could be in trouble since all the computers in the office are being checked since the tape that was recorded of Jack was leaked to the press. He says they have to hide it or he could be in big trouble. Kevin shoves the laptop inside his pants and covers it with papers so he can try to sneak out with it.

At the club Gloria and Kevin are having dinner and Gloria is rattling on as usual. Kevin tries stopping her when Jeffery walks in almost making her choke on her drink when he comes up to her table. He tells Gloria that before he came here William had sent him a package. He tells her of the confusion of the delivery of it. This has peaked Gloria’s interest wanting to know what was in the package so Kevin comes right out and directly says what his mother really wants to know is what was in the package. Gloria shushes him right away then tells Jeffery that she would like to know, then apologizes for asking. Sipping on her Martini Gloria asks again what was in the package that made him think William was worried that he was going to die. He tells her matches. And a weird item, some cream as in a lotion in a little white jar. She told him she loved that cream and would love to have some more of it.

JT has to go out of town and Victoria doesn’t want him to leave. He gives her a cassette tape with a recording of him singing a song he wrote for the baby. Victoria teases him about cassettes being ancient. He jokingly called the baby she was carrying Evil Little Bradley, upsetting Victoria. Then they get serious together and talk about their life together.

Maggie goes to Jack and Sharon with some thoughts about Ji Min dying and the timing of all the other events with his death. She wants Jack to let her know if something else comes to mind that could be connected to that.

Jan Barrett

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