Here are today’s updates for my favorite soaps ending yet another week in the soap world.

Days of Our Lives

Bo follows Andre down to the pier. He calls Abe and tells him that he left Steve with a stab womb and asked him to call the EMS for him. He spots Andre in a warehouse and is just outside the only way out of the building. Abe tells him to wait for backup, he orders him not to move til then.

Stephanie and Kayla are arguing over Kayla calling the cops on Jeremy and she tells her mother that she is leaving. When she opens the door Steve is there, saying he has to call Bo and collapses in Stephanie’s arms. They bring him inside and call the paramedics. Steve gets Stephanie and Kayla to let him call Bo to let him know he was home. Bo tells him where he is and Steve says he will be there in 10 much against Kayla’s wishes.

Sami and Lucas get people in the community to hand out fliers to try and find Roman. Lucas is worried that the stress on Sami will be too much but she tells him she won’t rest or sleep til they find her Dad and until this vendetta is ended. EJ walks in and volunteers to help in anyway he can. Lucas tells him they don’t need his help and he knows that all he wants is to be near Sami and be the hero. Sami says all she wants is to find her Dad and walks away.

Lucas and EJ come up the warehouse where Bo is waiting for Andre, not knowing what is going on and Andre comes out and grabs hold of Lucas and holds a gun to his head telling Bo to back off. Bo drops his gun yet Andre keeps hold on Lucas. Andre throws a grenade inside the warehouse and takes off with EJ and Lucas leaving Bo to go in and look for Roman. Roman wasn’t there but Bo did find the folio from Ireland.

Sami pleads with her grandpa to tell the secret that he has been holding in for 50 years. She tells him it’s the only way this vendetta can end. Shawn tells her its shame that is preventing him from telling anything, he is so ashamed. She tells him everyone thinks he is a wonderful man, everyone loves him but he has to tell her what the secret is, her Father’s life is at stake. Shawn says no he can’t and walks out.

Andre comes in to the pub and tells Sami he apologizes for not calling but he wants her to know he has EJ and Lucas as hostages. He wants her to help him decide which one will die. He is offering her the chance of saving one of them, but the other will die. He gives her a paper saying where he wants her to go to alone tonight at 9:00 to give him her answer, her husband or the man she claims to hate and then he disappears.

As The World Turns

Katie wakes from a dream where Carly was wearing her wedding gown and marrying Jack. Everyone is running around trying to get things ready for the wedding which is going to be today.

Brad keeps calling specialists to try and help Carly. She tells him not to let anyone hear him, not today at least. Jack goes to see Carly to apologize for being so rough on her before. When she turns around he tells her maybe she should take it easy, and that maybe the doctors released her too early after the accident. He wants to know if she is sure she is alright. She tells Jack she is ok and she really wants him to be happy and she wishes him well. They hug as he tells her to take care of herself and then he leaves with Sage’s dress.

Rosanna tells Paul that Craig went to see her last night and it wasn’t so pleasant. He asks if Craig threatened her, she tells him not directly. Paul says he told security not to let Craig in, she says she let him in. She called him, because she wanted to get things out in the open about everything. She said Craig warned her that if she testifies against him her life will be miserable.

Carly later advises Rosanna to forget about Craig, to concentrate just on Paul. So she goes home and tells Paul she wants to drop it all and live their life together but Paul doesn’t see it that way. They end up making love and afterwards Paul asks Rosanna to marry him. She asks if there are strings attached and he tells her he wants her to testify against Craig so they can get on with their life together. She answers him that yes she will testify against Craig and yes she will marry him.

Katie wakes from a dream where Carly was wearing her wedding gown and marrying Jack. Relieved it was just a dream she gets ready for her wedding. Jack tries getting in to see Katie at the hotel but she won’t let him in. She asks if this wedding is really going to happen and he says yes and that he came to bring her a present. She opens the door for that and he hands her two gifts but tells her not to open the big one yet, it’s for later.

Paul asks Will if he and Gwen will testify against Craig. Will doesn’t want to put Gwen through that especially not now. Paul tries to talk him into it. He tells Will he thought he would at least do this for Jennifer’s sake if not anything else.

The wedding is about to begin, Sage comes out as the flower girl. Vienna comes out in her bridesmaid dress. Margo comes out and hugs Jack. And finally Katie comes out with Henry escorting her. Meanwhile Carly passes out walking in the Mall and a man comes to her and asks her is she is ok, and who is she. She grabs her head and says she doesn’t know.

The Young and The Restless

Nick is telling Victor he wants him to get Phyllis out of prison on a work release program. He tells his Dad he thinks it’s wrong to put a condition on the deal if he is able to help her to begin with. Victor says he needs her to testify against Jack.

After Nick leaves Victor calls his secretary and tells her to hold all calls. He then puts the DVD that Gloria gave him into the computer and watches it. He thinks back about when he first told Jack about the tape. He decides to turn the tape over but insists that his name completely stays out of it as to where it came from.

Nick tells Victoria about Victor going to Phyllis about the offer he made her. Nick is so mad about it. He wonders if his Dad didn’t need Phyllis to testify would he still make them all suffer by not helping Phyllis get out of prison either on a work program or an early release.

Victor tells Nick he made some calls to see what he can do for Phyllis and he is waiting on them to be returned. Nick says he doesn’t know why he didn’t do that in the first place. Victor says he doesn’t know either.

JT and Paul talk about their plan for JT to work with Cane. They staged their fight at Indigo and JT tells Paul he enjoyed that. He has a dart board with Victor’s picture on it and starts throwing darts at it.

Jack practices his speech in from of Sharon that he is planning to say at a press conference which will be his confession to everything. Noah got into a fight at school and comes in with a black eye. The kid in school called Jack a liar and Noah was defending Jack. Jack confesses to Noah that what the kid at school said about him was true. Noah wants to know why Jack lied. Jack says he made a big mistake and that he is giving a pr4ess conference to tell everyone. Noah says he will never forgive him for lying to him.

Sharon talks to Noah and she explains to him that she is really proud of Jack and of what he is about to do. Noah asks Jack if he was going to be embarrassed when he tells everyone, and Jack just nods. Noah says it will be ok and that he still loves him.

Just as Jack is about to leave for the press conference, Noah comes in and says turn the TV on quick. The news about the DVD is announced on a news break. Jack says now this makes things worse, if he confesses now it will make him look like he only did it to cover his tracks because of this.

Jan Barrett

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