Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless

Days of Our Lives

Chelsea meets Billie for lunch and they agree that things between them are ok now, but Chelsea admits she has a reason for meeting with her, she needs her help. Billie says sure anything she can do for her, but it’s not for Chelsea, she replies. Billie reluctantly agrees to give Jett a job, she tells Chelsea to tell him to come see her, she has an opening with her staff.

Nick apologizes to Jett for all the bad things he said about him and he knows Chelsea is close to him and that’s her business. Jett tells Nick that Chelsea is asking her Mom to give him a job and if it works out he will be able to stay right there in Salem.

Nick talks to Billie about finding out who the boys family is and she has no leads so far. He is worried about digging and causing trouble for them, but he needs to find their family so he can go on with his life.

Stephanie and Kayla fight over Jeremy. She tells her mother that she loves Jeremy and begs her not to turn him in. Kayla tells her she needs to think about this before she commits to it. Jeremy says he is leaving, but Stephanie stops him by asking if he has any money. Kayla says NO but Stephanie says she will go to the ATM, she has about $1000 saved up and Kayla tries stopping her, Jeremy tells Stephanie that he doesn’t love her that he just wants her money. He is just using her but she doesn’t believe him.

Finally Kayla tells Stephanie to go and take her boyfriend with her. Stephanie says fine then she will get her money for Jeremy and then come back for her things. Kayla gives him one more chance to turn himself in. She says she and Steve will do what they can to help him. He asks Stephanie if he can trust Kayla, she says yes she always trusts her mother’s word. Jeremy doesn’t take the deal. He says no way and leaves.

Steve and Bo trap Andre. Bo is hid and Steve tells Andre that he talked to Stefano and has an agreement with him concerning Andre. He told Andre about the deal he made with Stefano to protect Benjy. He goes to shake hands with Andre but Andre pulls out a knife and stabs Steve.

As The World Turns

Carly tells Brad, when he finds her under water in her tub, there is nothing to tell, that the doctors are still doing their testing. He asks her was she really dying but Carly takes it back and makes a joke about it. Before he leaves Carly is hit with another one of the headaches and it’s so bad she screams out. Carly can’t hide it anymore. She tells Brad everything and that there is nothing that they can do for her, and 4 doctors have told her the same thing. She only has a few months to live.

Brad wants her to go tell Jack. She says no way, not on the night before his wedding. Brad wants her to talk to someone, even her sister, Rosanna. She needs to have someone with her. Carly refuses, she doesn’t want anyone to know. She gets Brad to promise not to tell anyone. Jack calls her and asks her about her going to the doctor and he wants to know what they told her. After Brad leaves Carly finds a video of her and Jack’s marriage and watches it.

The Colonel hides Dusty in the trunk of the car just as Dusty’s cell phone beeps with a message. The message was from Lily, desperately trying to reach Dusty. Lily tells Luke about her conversation with Noah’s father and then with Noah. She says she was only trying to help. As he is trying to put things in the trunk Dusty grabs him and they start fighting, until the Colonel pulls a gun on Dusty.

Dusty tells him to think about this before he pulls that trigger. He knows that he is framing him for murder. He asks the Colonel what about his son, and how would he feel when he finds out he killed his mother. The Colonel says thanks for making it so easy for him by having that meeting with Cherie. He tells Dusty how he killed his son’s Mother. He points the gun at Dusty and pulls the trigger. He closes the trunk and then snickers.  He goes to Dusty’s apartment and trashes the place and makes it look like Dusty left the country.

Lily goes to Dusty’s room looking for him. She has no idea that Colonel Mayer is there When she doesn’t find Dusty she calls him and leaves yet another message unaware that The Colonel is pointing a gun at her. Then she leaves.

Noah begs Maddie to give him another chance. He knows they can start all over again. He tells her that he loves her. She says in case he hasn’t noticed, she is a girl and he is gay. She tells Noah that Luke helped her see that the whole thing really wasn’t about her, and that he was a really good guy and Noah would be really lucky to have him in his life. After thinking about it Noah calls Luke asking him to meet him.

The Young and The Restless

Gloria calls Victor and he tells her to meet him at his office. Michael walks in just as she is on the phone and he tells them they can’t do this. He says this insanity is going to stop now. Kevin tells Michael he wants Gloria to give Victor the DVD and finally get back at Jack. Gloria comes between them as they are fighting and says as much as she hates to admit it, maybe he is right, and maybe it’s not such a good idea to release the DVD. She goes to Victor anyway with the DVD. She tells him that neither of her sons know about the DVD and she wants to make sure he keeps them out of it.

Phyllis calls Nick and she tells him that the visitors list still hasn’t changed. He goes to Jack and Sharon’s and asks Sharon if he can take Noah to see Phyllis. Sharon suggests that they both take him. At the prison, the warden tells Sharon she and Noah can go in and see Phyllis but not Nick. Nick tells the warden that he was hoping he would change his mind. Having the Newman name doesn’t mean anything to the Warden and it upsets Noah. The warden tells Nick to go out in the lobby to wait but Nick refuses to leave til he is allowed to explain to his son what’s going on. Sharon goes out to see if Nick is ok just in time to hear him telling the warden that the one night he had with his wife before she went to jail he fell in love with her all over again. The warden has a change of heart, and lets him see Phyllis.

Phyllis is so excited to see Nick. She tells him about Victor’s offer to get her out of prison and she tells him of the condition. Nick is mad, he can’t believe he put it with a condition. Phyllis whispers that it could get her out though, and Nick says well if his father can do that then trust her he is going to make sure he does it.

Brad goes to Victor and apologizes to him for everything. Then he goes to Colleen and apologizes to her to. She says all he wants to do it break up her and Adrian but he says not anymore. Colleen tells her Dad that she is still angry with him but she makes a lot of mistakes but they are her mistakes and wants to know if he can deal with that. He says he doesn’t know. She asks if he can at least try and he agrees. Brad then tells Sharon he apologizes to her for not listening to her when she told him she loved him, yet he married Victoria anyway.

Michael comes in only to find Kevin scrubbing his hard drive and he figures out why. Kevin admits to him that Gloria gave the DVD to Victor. Victor is playing the DVD as Nick walks in. He tells Victor he saw Phyllis and she told him about the offer he made her to get out with conditions. He says if he is capable of getting her out he wants him to do it now.

Jan Barrett

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