Here are today’s updates for these three soaps.

Days of Our Lives

Kayla comes home and finds a coke can on the table and goes looking for Stephanie. She sees she isn’t there so she puts Pocket down for a nap and then catches Jeremy as he tries sneaking out the door and he admits Stephanie let him in. When she doesn’t believe him he shows her the extra key and Kayla tells him he isn’t going anywhere now, not without a police escort. He begs her for a few more days. Kayla isn’t backing down on this. When she grabs for the phone he stops her by telling her she doesn’t want to do that. He has his cell phone in back of him and dials Stephanie’s number while talking to Kayla and Stephanie hears him talking to her mother, and runs home.

Steve goes to see Stefano. Stefano wants to talk to Steve about the hit he attempted as a trick. Stefano tells Steve he is tired of playing with him, it was time for Judas to go for his final curtain call. Steve tells him that they made him do what he did or they would throw him back in jail. Stefano tells him he made a huge mistake by siding with the cops against him.

Steve tells Stefano he will make a deal with him. He says if he will leave Benjy alone then he will make sure that Andre always stays 2 steps ahead of the cops. And that also goes for all of Steve’s kids, even the foster kids.

Stephanie tells Chelsea to go talk to Jett and find out what he meant when he told her he loved her when he thought he was dying. Abe tells Jett that he has been discharged from the force. Abe tells him he messed up by letting some girl get in the way of the operation and he says Chelsea wasn’t just some girl.

As The World Turns

The doctor tells Carly that judging from the test results the lesion doesn’t appear to be benign. She asks if they can wait a few days til they start treatment. He explains that treatment does not mean a cure and that surgery or treatments will not stop it, it will continue to grow. She asks how long does she have. He says a few months, maybe less. She says he is wrong and that she will get a second opinion and she hope to god she finds someone better than him and walks out.

Craig asks Rosanna to not let Paul turn her against him. She says he doesn’t have to that she is going to see to it that he goes back to jail. He says that’s just it, she can’t now. She says not only does she remember the night he ran her off the road but she also remembers why he done it. This makes Craig stop in her tracks.

Noah’s Father goes to Lily to warn her about keeping her son away from his. Luke tries to get Noah to admit to himself and everyone else that he is Gay. He thinks Noah should talk to his father and tell him everything. Noah says it would kill his father, Luke says well what about what it’s doing to him.

Dusty confronts the Colonel and when he mentions Cherie the Colonel gets irritated and warms Dusty that if he was wise he would forget anything that was just said and walks away. Then Dusty tells himself he thinks he just found his man. Later Dusty falls to the floor. Someone is in the room searching the place.

Brad hounds Carly about the doctor when she goes to the farm house to get Sage to start working on her dress. She yells at him telling him to shut up just as sage walks in wanting to know why she is mad at Uncle Brad. Brad tries to cover for Carly but Sage says no, they were fighting about a doctor and she wants to know if something is wrong.

Carly gets her second opinion and it is all confirmed. She goes home and runs her bath with bubbles. She gets in the tub and just sits there. A knock at the door is ignored, as she slides under the water in the tub. It was Brad and he let himself in and finds her and pulls her out of the water. He wants to know what the hell she thinks she is doing. She says she wasn’t trying to kill herself, she was just trying to see what it felt like. She then tells Brad she is dying.

The Young and The Restless

Jack tells Sharon he is going to see Phyllis, and wants to know if she is alright with that. She says yes it is ok with her. Then she turns around and calls Brad and tells him she needs to get out of the house for some coffee or something and asks if he can meet her. He wants to make it for dinner and she says not dinner and Jack hears her asking what? She says she wasn’t talking to him and then tells Brad to hang on, she then tells Jack she loves him.

Sharon meets Brad at the club. Brad lays into her right away over Jack accusing her of playing the loyal wife. She stops him and says she is not playing, she loves Jack and she is loyal to him. Brad accuses Sharon of being afraid to be with him because of the connection they have between them. He says eventually the two of them will be together. He reminds her that every time she needs someone to just talk to she always comes to him. He says their agreement to just be friends is not working for him.

Sharon goes home to find Jack home waiting for her. He tells her Phyllis was ok but he thinks she was putting on a front. In bed later he tells Sharon that what he did was not an evil deed. He tells her he is going to tell the public tomorrow everything. Sharon is happy and he tells her he loves her. Then they make love.

Victor tells Neil to mark his words, that Jack Abbot will be found guilty after Neil tells him they have to be able to prove the tape was authenticate. They realize whoever made the tape won’t come forward because it was recorded illegally.

Phyllis tells Jack that she heard the news. She says he doesn’t have to explain it to him that she understands everything and he thanks her. Jack tells her that Sharon thinks he should fess up and admit everything and Phyllis is shocked that for once she actually agrees with Sharon. She thinks if he goes public with all this that it would have the exact opposite affect that Victor is looking for.

Victor goes to the prison to visit Phyllis. He tells her it could be arranged for her to be released early. He says his attorney told him they have a work release program. He tells her that the Governor is upset about this publicity with Jack. He tells her if she goes to them and tells them all she knows about Jack that they might consider releasing her. She says she can’t. He says he is showing her the way and for her to figure it out.

Jan Barrett

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