Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Billie meets Phillip with some information for him about Tyler before he goes to San Antonio that could change everything. Shawn tries encouraging Belle to go with Phillip to help him find the baby but she tells him she has decided not to be there every time Phillip needs her. She told Phillip she has other top priorities. Shawn is surprised that she actually told Phillip that. Shawn is still trying to convince her to go and now she wants to know if he has some other sort of agenda for changing his attitude about her helping Phillip.

Pocket is in the hospital and they had to pump his stomach after getting hold of poison. Kayla comes running in when she finds out the news. About the same time the doctor comes out with Pocket and asks them to check their home thoroughly to make sure there is nothing lying around that could hurt the baby.

China Lee tells Nick and Chelsea that she isn’t the kids’ mother. She explains to them how she managed to get the kids and now she has no one else to take them and that Nick is the best thing that ever happened to those two boys. Chelsea threatens to call the cops on China Lee unless she gives them the name of the boy’s real parents.

Stephanie gets rid of Max when he comes to her door and Jeremy gives her the third degree about what’s going on between her and Max. He says he is just going to leave, and then tells her how he has no money trying to make her feel bad for him. Before he could get out of the apartment, they hear Steve and Kayla at the door about to come in. She has Jeremy go hide in her bedroom and can’t seem to get Steve and Kayla to leave so Jeremy can slip out. All she can think of is to say she wants to move back in. Kayla questions her reasons and says sure she can move back as long as it is for the right reasons.

As The World Turns

Gwen takes the plant she got from her mother and throws it out the door again when Will brings it in not knowing where it came from. She tells him about her Mom giving Cole money to give to Sofie so she can get an abortion and she has to stop them. Meanwhile Sofie is in the clinic waiting for an abortion when the doctor comes in and informs her that according to the ultrasound she is well into her second trimester. Sofie smiles and says “second trimester? Then this means it’s too late to do this” The doctor says they can still do it but there could be extra complications. Sofie tells her she still wants to do it.

Carly runs into Jack and Katie at the station and tells them she is sorry about how she has been acting. She would like to make it up to them by making Sage’s flower girl dress for the wedding. She shows them a sample piece of fabric she would like to use and agrees to let them talk about it and then they could let her know. After they talk Katie and Jack decide ok they would let Carly make the dress.
Carly goes to the doctor to find out about the test results. She discusses the accident with him and tells him it can’t be that bad. He tells her he is afraid the problem she has is very serious. She tells him yes she has been having some headaches but she has been under a lot of stress lately. He tells her it’s more serious, she has a lesion on her brain.

Rosanna and Paul go to Tom and tell him she wants to press charges on Craig for attempted murder. Tom tells them he is afraid that it’s not going to happen when they say they want him thrown in jail. Craig has already been charged with this and they just won’t recharge him for it again and there is not much they can do about it now.

Aaron takes Alison home with him so he can help take care of her. Every time food is mentioned she gets sick on her stomach. The hormone shot they gave her has her feeling sick but she doesn’t want Gwen to know. As they were about to kiss a knock at the door interrupted them and it was Sofie and she was all upset saying she was sorry but she didn’t know where else to go. She couldn’t go through this abortion, so Aaron tells her she has got to tell Cole that she couldn’t. Aaron tells a jealous Alison that she has no reason to be jealous of Sofie, because they are only friends,

The Young and The Restless

Michael tells Amber, Kevin and Daniel that they are still facing multiple felony charges and those charges may not be dropped. Michael calls Cane asking for his help to get to that Agent that kidnapped him and held the gun to his head. He wants Cane to testify against the man. It took a few minutes for him to decide and finally he agreed to help them by testifying.

Michael takes this news to Heather and offers her a new deal. She goes for it. The deal is they get two years of probation and they have 90 hours of community service to do.

Jill is really upset since Ji Min is being made to look like a dishonorable man after they found the stolen money in his hotel room. Jill is torn now wondering if all this is true about what is being said about him, she wonders if not only did he lie to her about the deal with Jabot and stealing the money but if he really loved her or not. Or was he just using her to get to the Chancellor fortune. Jill now wants to know exactly how Ji Min died.

Nick finally receives a phone call from Phyllis. She tells him she can have visitors now but not him. He lets her know that Summer is fine now and that Daniel is going to be ok. Daniel goes to see Phyllis and gives her the news about the deal Michael made for them.

Maggie tells Amber she knows about her renting Ji Min’s hotel room after he died. Amber tells her she went there to look for the money to give it back to the Feds. Maggie asks her if there is something else she might want to tell her and Amber says no.

Gloria and Kevin scheme together after viewing the video they have of Jack and Ji Min discussing the deal with Jabot. Michael warned them both to stay away from what they are thinking. Gloria tells Kevin she wants to find a way to release the video anonymously but they have to find a way to do it.

Jan Barrett

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