It is Monday and a new week for the soaps. Here is what happened today.

Days of Our Lives

Shawn talks to Lexie about his jealousy over Phillip with Belle. At the pub Belle and Phillip talk and he claims they almost kissed but Belle denies it. He wants to know how much does she care about him, he thinks “they” are not over.

Max and Stephanie are talking about Jeremy and she starts defending Jeremy making Max figure out that she has talked to Jeremy again. Her whole attitude changed about Jeremy. Then she admits to Max that Jeremy was there and Max asks if everything she said to him in the cave was a lie and she says she has to go. He says in other words he is bailing out on her now.

Jeremy goes to see Stephanie at her parent’s home. She asks him what is he doing there, she thought he would be in Mexico by now. All he thinks about is himself and she asks him if he even cares that she and Max were thrown out of a plane and were almost killed. He tells her he loves her and one day when he gets all this straightened out he wants her to be his wife, but she needs to help him. She says this is just great. She picks up the phone and says ok let’s see how we can straighten this out. He asks what is she doing. She looks in his eyes with the phone in her hand and says “I am turning you in” He takes the phone away from her and said not that way. Then he grabs her and kisses her.

Bo and Steve meet at the funeral home but Steve has Pocket with him. When Bo leaves Steve notices that Pocket has a fever so he takes him to go find Kayla to find out what’s wrong. Steve runs into Lexie at the hospital and he tells her about Pocket. The baby has a fever and is throwing up and now Steve is worried about him. The doctor tells Steve it seems the baby has been poisoned. Bo pressures his Father to please tell him the secrets he has been keeping from him.

Chelsea and Nick talk about the kids. He tells her China Lee is out of jail and is expected any minute now to get the kids. He asks Chelsea to wait with him for her. When she gets there she tells Nick that something has come up and she needs to leave the country but Chelsea isn’t buying it. She says she can’t take the kids, she has to leave them with Nick for good.

Roman wakes up only to find himself buried inside a coffin and starts screaming for someone to help him.

As The World Turns

Aaron calls Alison to make plans to go see a movie tonight. She then goes to see Gwen and Iris is there. Alison almost lets her know about their plans for a new baby but Gwen covers it. Iris is playing the poor mother that cares so much but Gwen sees right through her. Gwen is completely against Sofie having the abortion. She thinks Sofie should leave Cole and raise the baby herself.

Sofie is still upset over Cole accusing her of cheating and getting pregnant by Aaron. He has decided he was wrong and tells her he is sorry. He also has come up with a solution to their problem and that is that they have to get rid of the baby. Sofie doesn’t want to have an abortion but Cole insists on it, and he hands her money for his share of the cost of the abortion. She tells him she doesn’t want that money. He told her that he got the money from his Mother and he wants her to get rid of the baby. Sofie starts thinking that maybe Cole is right and she tells Aaron about it and says maybe she should get rid of the baby. Later when Cole comes in Sofie tells her she is going to have the abortion.

Rosanna and Paul are still making plans to get rid of Craig. Rosanna wonders if they should just ignore Craig and live their life. Paul says that would be a big mistake, they need to destroy Craig before he destroys them. She says it’s not going to do any good since she still can’t remember anything. He suggests that she relaxes and stops pushing herself. He says what’s to stop her from telling the judge and jury that she does remember. Rosanna says she can’t lie to a judge and jury. She tells Paul that they have taken enough away from him and that he can’t have any power over them now, but before Paul can answer Craig walks in and says Oh he wouldn’t bet on that.

Craig has arranged for some of her assets to be frozen til they go to court. While they were talking Rosanna actually starts to remember things about the night of the accident. She tells Paul after Craig leaves what she remembers about that night. She remembers the conversation between her and Craig. He had told her that night that he was worried about her but she knew he really didn’t mean it. Bits and pieces from that night are finally coming back to her.

The Young and The Restless

Amber and Daniel witness Cane kissing Lily. Colleen spots them at the party and orders them to leave. Lily is in a panic and rushes Colleen into a private room and tells her that she kissed Cane and she is all flushed and is trying to figure out why it happened. Lily hears glass breaking so she goes back out to the party to see what happened and Cane comes up to her making her really nervous. He asks if she is ok and she says yes as she grabs her phone and sends a text message to Colleen saying “HELP”

Neil and Karen sit outside looking at the stars. They become closer to each other as they talk. Neil asks her to dance and just as they start someone comes outside and interrupts them. Neil tells Lily he is leaving and asked if she needed anything before she left. When he hugs her he smells liquor on her and starts questioning her. She tells him it was an accident that she picked up the wrong drink.

Back at the office Neil finds Devon there hard at work. Devon asks him where is Karen and Neil says back at the party. Devon advises Neil that he thinks it is cool that he likes Karen and he thinks he should go for it. Neil says that for some reason when he is with Karen he feels like he is cheating on Dru. Devon says well maybe he just isn’t ready to be with someone else then. They decide then to go back to the party. Neil is back at the party when Karen runs into him. She is surprised to see him. She asks what brings him back to the party. He walks over to her and says “This” and kisses her.

Heather invites Cane to go to a movie with her one night. She is new in town and she would love to meet some people that has nothing to do with the law or her job. Kevin comes out and asks her to come back inside and dance with him but she turns him down.

Daniel and Lily talk. He tells her he was reminiscing about the night they got married when Lily grabs her stomach and starts walking away. He asks if she is ok and she says no but she just wants him to go away, and then runs off leaving him standing there.

Amber finally gets the chance to talk to Cane. She tells him all she wants is another chance with him. He asks what is it going to take to get through to her to that they are over, he doesn’t love her and he doesn’t even like her.

Heather goes up to Amber, Daniel and Kevin and tells them she needs to talk to them. She says the ashes of the stolen money were found, but they are still up on charges but she wants to see them all in her office the next morning.

Jan Barrett

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