Here are the updates ending yet another week of the soaps.

Days of Our Lives

Roman walks into the pub and finds Kate tied up with a noose around her neck standing on a wobbly chair. He runs to her to get her down and just as he unties her she yells for him to look out and Andre hits him from behind. Now Roman and Kate both are missing.

Shawn and Bell are trapped in the freezer at the pub. Shawn wants to take bottles of liquor to blow the door open. They rig it up and decide to go for it. The door didn’t open with the explosion but Bo and Hope find them just in time to save them. Unfortunately Shawn suffers from a severe burn on his back he got when he threw himself on Belle to protect her,

As the “funeral” service starts, the priest asks if anyone would like to say anything and Lexie says her brother would like to. Benjy rolls over to the casket in his wheelchair, and stands up with his gun in his hand and starts shooting at Stefano’s body. Stefano wakes up in the coffin and they tell him he is ok that he had just been shot at and they tell him that they are holding him til Andre comes out.

EJ is back in Sami’s hospital room and Lucas is mad. He and EJ start to fight but the guard outside stops it. Sami asks EJ to leave but he refuses. Lucas gets EJ to admit that he is in love with Sami. In the middle of their fighting Lucas gets a call from Kate saying she is at a phone booth and she is in terrible trouble and she needs his help. Lucas runs to Kate and finds her naked in a parking lot hiding behind a dumpster. Andre took all her clothes and left her there.

The chauffeur driving the hearse is really Andre in disguise but no one guesses it. At the cemetery everyone is about to leave when they hear laughter sounding like Andre only to find it’s a recording throw on the side. The Kate comes up telling them all that Andre has Roman and he is in trouble, but then the phone rings and Bo says its Roman and he hears Romans voice saying he is taking Andre down tonight. It was actually Andre and he has Roman.

As The World Turns

At the hospital Jack checks on Sage. She is ok and can go home so Jack asks Brad to take her down to the cafeteria. Jack asks Carly if she even remembers what happened. Carly won’t tell him the truth. Jack says he thinks that Carly just can’t accept that he and Katie are getting married and she needs to deal with this depression she is in. Jack is going to take Sage home with him and Carly tells her she is doing ok other than this headache which would be better in the morning.

The doctor comes in and tells Carly he found some abnormalities in her brain scan and would like for her to see a specialist. She asks him if this was from the accident and he says he doesn’t think so. He wants to know if she has been suffering from headaches or dizziness and as she is about to say no Brad tells her to tell the truth. Just as she was about to speak Jack walks back in and Carly thanks the doctor and sends him away to keep from Jack knowing the truth. Brad asks her why doesn’t she tell Jack the truth, she says she doesn’t know but when she tells Jack, whatever is wrong with her will be real and she is not ready for that.

Dusty talks to Tom about his case. Tom says Margo has enough evidence against him and they aren’t looking for other suspects now. Dusty asks Tom about the lawyer client confidence and Tom explains to him how it works. Dusty says well he won’t tell him how he got the information but he has a new lead that could help his case. In his room, Dusty gets some information, the abusive husband‘s name is Lt. Winston Mayer (Noah’s father)

Maddie is having a hard time looking at Noah after she talked to Luke. Noah won’t accept this and keeps looking for her to get her to talk to him. He tells her he wants to be with her not Luke. Maddie can’t seem to handle this. Later when Noah meets his father for dinner, he tells him that Maddie isn’t coming. The Colonel asks why, did she have to change clothes or something. Noah tells him no, that he and Maddie broke up. The Colonel says no he didn’t and orders him to go fix it in any way that he can. Luke and Lily walk in and when the Colonel sees Luke he tells him to stay away from his son.

The Young and The Restless

Jill and Amber talk to a reporter about how Amber helped save Jill’s life by getting her out of the steam room when the door was jammed. The reporter recognizes Amber then realizes she is Jill’s daughter in law and they both correct her immediately by saying ex daughter in law.

Jill tells Cane that it was Amber that saved her life when she was locked in the steam room. Cane says it would have just been like Amber to have locked her in there on purpose, start the fire and saved Jill just to make herself look good.

JT and Paul have a talk. He makes sure Paul is not working for Victor before he talks to him. Paul warns him to be careful, and asks what he is going to do if Victoria’s baby isn’t his. JT discusses the case concerning Clear Springs and Cane with Paul. He asks Paul to meet him at Indigo, he has a plan on how to make this work. They stage a fight in Indigo in front of everyone so it will look like JT gets fired so he can go to work for Cane.

Daniel and Kevin and Amber sit alone in their apartment sulking and feeling bad for each other, while Lily is having a “Divorce Party” at Indigo. Lily and Devon tease Neil about how he is dancing and try giving lessons to him. Lily goes to the bar and asks for some more cranberry juice. The bartender pours it for her and she grabs the wrong drink.

Kevin shows up at the party and tells Colleen that Jana doesn’t want to talk to him again so Colleen gives him the pep talk to try and cheer him up. He leaves the party and goes straight to Jana. He can’t stay away from her. She tells him he shouldn’t be there. She thinks she is a psycho and would be bad for him. He would be wasting his life on her. She feels so guilty and horrible watching him hang on to any hope of them being together. He still doesn’t want to give up and tries kissing her but she pulls away and runs out of the room.

Cane apologizes to Lily for not bringing her a gift. She forgives him especially since she didn’t get him one either but she would settle for a kiss instead. He kisses her on the cheek then slowly they both are drawn to a more serious kiss. Just as they do Amber and Daniel walk in and see.

Jan Barrett

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