Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Kate is in the pub alone and Andre busts through the door to get to her. He wants Kate to bring Roman to him by trapping him. She tells him she can’t get Roman there, since he found out she went to Stefano Roman hates her now. He says to bring him Roman and she says no she won’t help him hurt him. He says she just made her last mistake and starts choking her.

Shawn comes in and fights with Andre getting him off of Kate. Andre knocks him out and forces Kate to help him move Shawn into the freezer. Belle come in finding the door locked and looks for her keys, not knowing that Kate and Andre are just inside.
When she goes in Kate is sitting there and in comes Andre. Kate hits Andre in the head with a bottle and Belle hurries and calls Bo but before she can tell him where they are, Andre grabs the phone from her. He tells Bo he has his son, Kate and Marlena’s daughter there.

Andre throws Belle in the freezer with Shawn. When she turns she sees Shawn knocked out on the floor and they are both so cold. She apologizes to Shawn about the fight they had. Outside in the pub Andre forces Kate to call Roman and tell him she is at the pub and Andre was outside looking in the window.

Santo tells Colleen if she can’t choose tonight either him or the church then he will never see her again. He wants her to trust him to be his wife. She says she wants more time to decide and walks away. Santo stops her and begs her to make a choice, he says he loves her. She wants one more day and says then she will give him his answer. He agrees to wait one more day because he loves her.

Benjy comes to the funeral and he tells Lexie he didn’t come to grieve for Stefano. He says he hate the old man. He is there for revenge. Lexie tries talking to him. When they all start sitting for the service to begin Benjy pulls out a gun from under his blanket in the wheel chair.

As The World Turns

Aaron slips to Cole about Sofie being pregnant. Cole is furious, accusing her of telling everyone in town but forgetting to tell him. She says no she didn’t tell anyone and Aaron just guessed it. Cole tells Sofie he isn’t even sure that the baby is even his and this upsets Sofie. Sofie tells Aaron about Cole’s reaction to her being pregnant. In the meantime Cole goes to Iris and tells her about Sofie being pregnant. So Iris gives him some money and tells him to take care of the baby and get rid of it.

Brad asks Carly how come she hasn’t told anyone about her being sick. She says it wouldn’t do any good to tell anyone now. She swears Brad to secrecy. She doesn’t want Jack to know about her being sick.

Carly grabs her head when Brad leaves and ends up on the sofa with a rag over her eyes. Sage comes in wanting Carly to take her to the wedding shower. She says please because she is going to be the flower girl so she got a special invitation. Sage asks Carly if it is ok if she likes Katie and Carly says yes and for her to go upstairs and put on her pretty dress and she will take her to the party.

While in the car on the way to the party Sage tells Carly that she hopes they aren’t too late for the party. Carly tells her she doesn’t think they will be and starts rubbing her eyes and suddenly see headlights in her eyes causing her to swerve the car with Sage screaming.

Katie talks to Brad and finds out that he is hurt because Jack didn’t ask him to be his best man. She goes and tells Jack to please talk to him so Jack does. He asks Brad to be a groomsman in his wedding and this means if he agrees he will have to wear a monkey suit.

A game someone came up with for the party is where they give Jack and Katie each a list of questions describing the other to see just how well they know each other. While they are opening the gifts Brad gets a call and he tells Jack that there was an accident. Carly ran her car off the road and wrecked. Jack thinks this is another trick but Brad says no this time it is for real, and Sage was in the car with her.

The Young and The Restless

Amber’s conscience keeps telling her to keep the money but she is resisting. She gets this idea that if she got her hands on some shredded money she could burn it and put it where the Feds would find it and it would look like the stolen money and then she can keep the real money. Amber burns the shredded money that she got along with a few of the $100 bills making sure the serial numbers didn’t burn so they could trace them to identify the money.

Nick and Victoria talk while waiting on Victor and Nikki to show up for a family meeting. Victor comes in but Nikki doesn’t show up. She is enjoying her morning in bed with David too much to show. Victor says when Nikki decides to grace them with her presence to come to his office. Nick and Victoria decide to try and get their parents to call a truce with one another. Victor keeps calling Nikki on her cell phone but she never answers and this irritates him.

Victor meets Nick and Victoria for lunch and Nikki still doesn’t show. Victor is being too nice and Victoria wants to know what he done with her father. His whole attitude has suddenly changed. They tell Victor that they are worried about his health. He says he realizes that they want him and his mother to reconcile but he explains why he is not going to beg her to.
Amber sets the money on fire in the hotel room which triggers the fire alarm and everyone is running out the hotel room. As Victor and Victoria and Nick are walking out just ahead of them they see Nikki and David going out too and Nikki is only in a robe.

Amber is running out when she hears someone banging on the door of the steam room. She recognizes the voice as Jill’s and runs to open the door for her. Jill tells her the door wouldn’t open for her and as they run out she tells Amber she has saved her life.

Jan Barrett

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