Here are today’s updates for my favorite soaps.

Days of Our Lives

Sami allows EJ in her hospital room to talk to her. Once in there EJ tricks her into admitting that Stefano is still alive and he insists on her telling him where they have his father. Sami tells him to leave then she says wait that he has to keep quiet about it. He asks her if his Father is ok and where is he. She confesses to him about the plan to draw Andre out. She asks him if he thinks the plan will work and he tells her no.

They agree that the only way to end this vendetta is to find the secret in the letters so they start reading again. They imagine Santo and Colleen together and Sami is telling Colleen to say no but EJ is telling her to let them love each other. Santo tells Colleen that she has to make a decision tonight, either be with him or the church.

Phillip has news that Lauren has agreed to talk to him more and discuss a shared custody. Belle is excited for him but she is all upset and finally she admits to Phillip that maybe she is resenting Shawn for turning her life into what it is like now. Phillip receives a note from Lauren saying to look all her wants because he will never find her or his son.

Tony and Anna walk into the pub to find Roman and Kate there. Anna shows sparks of jealousy as does Kate, then Tony shows signs of jealousy when he sees Anna outside with Roman.

At the funeral home Roman is tempted to pull the trigger and kill Stefano for real as Stefano lies in the coffin but is interrupted when a delivery man comes in with flowers. Assuming they were for the funeral he tells the man where to put them but the guy tells him they are not for the funeral, they are for him. Hope finds the card and when Roman reads it, it says “So sorry to hear about your untimely death”

As The World Turns

Sofie tells Aaron that she hasn’t told Cole yet about the baby. She feels the baby moving and tells Aaron to feel it, excited about being able to share it with someone. Cole walks in and asks Cole if she can give him some money, he was suppose to get paid today but hasn’t yet and he needs some money. Sofie tells Aaron she has decided to tell Cole the truth about the baby tonight. Later Cole comes back telling her he quit his job and wants her to go home with him. She told him she can’t leave work right now but he and she needs to have a serious talk. He tells her not tonight, its not a good time and turns to walk away. Sofie reaches out to him and falls just as Aaron walks in and he runs to help her up yelling at Cole asking him if that’s anyway to treat the mother of his unborn child, revealing her secret.

Holden finds Lily waiting for Dusty in the hotel lobby wearing the dress she wore to meet the hooker to get information and wants to know why she is there dressed like that. Lily lies to him saying she put on the sexy dress just for him. He likes it and suggests that they get a room. Up in the room there is champagne and he tells Lily he was there looking for her to make up. It looks like the dress is working.

Carly fainted and as Jack was asking her if she was ok, Katie tells him that Carly followed her to the dress shop and tried buying the dress she wanted for her party. Jack tells Carly his patience is starting to run out with her. Carly says she did it all including faking the fainting part just to get Jack’s attention and she knows now it was a mistake. Jack tells her to face it, that he and Katie are getting married like it or not.

Brad tries talking to Carly to convince her to give up on her tricks of luring Jack back. Carly tells him she has given up now, and the one thing she wants from him is for him to leave her alone. He says ok then walks away. When Carly gets up to leave she gets dizzy and almost falls but Brad catches her in time. She tried claiming she just lost her balance but Brad sees now that she wasn’t faking it after all.

Brad tells Carly she needs to see a doctor and see why she fainted. She tells him there is something wrong, so he wants to know what it is, she tells him it’s her heart. Her heart is broken. Brad takes it the wrong way and makes her mad so she kicks him out. When she shuts the door she grabs her chest and then falls to the floor again. Brad won’t accept being kicked out and goes back in only to find her passed out once again. When he is starting to call 911 she stops him and asks him to please keep it quiet til she figures out what’s going on.

Susan is all against Alison wanting to donate her egg to Will and Gwen so they can have a baby. Alison says she wants to do it and she has already made up her mind, she wants to do it. Gwen tells Aaron about it and this makes Aaron see Alison in a different way. He finds Alison at the diner and tells her how proud of her he is.

The Young and The Restless

Amber is trying to decide what is the best thing to do with the money is. Should she keep it or turn it in. Her conscious is telling her to keep it but she is fighting it within herself. She lies to Daniel about finding the money. They both leave the room to go to a meeting with Michael and Carson comes out once they are gone to get into the room.

Michael tells Kevin and Daniel and Amber that the government wants all the money back in one lump sum or nothing. If they don’t get it then they all go to jail. Gloria comes in from shopping and Kevin tells her they are screwed and she says no they aren’t, because she has decided to cover Amber’s share of the money too. She then pulls out papers and says as soon as Amber signs the papers on how she is to pay back the “loan” she will give them the money. Amber is furious and says she is not signing any paper. She leaves Michael’s apartment and goes back to the hotel room only to find Carson lying on the bed waiting on her. After a shower Amber is still confused and doesn’t know what she is going to do when Gloria is at the door, announcing that she has decided to cover her share of the money with no strings attached.

Victoria goes to Victor and tries to get him to make up with Nikki. She tells him “Dad you are going to lose your wife”. He tells her to listen to him, It is his wife that’s going to lose him.

Jack lies to Noah which upsets Sharon. While they argue over it Jack sees his Father’s ghost. John agrees with Sharon and keeps repeating what she is telling Jack. John tells Jack he is there because someone needs to put him in his place and keep him in line.

David gives Nikki a gift. It is a holder for his hotel key, just for her. Nikki surprises David by using the key, and when the door opens she says “Well, it does work” and closes the door behind her. Nikki finally gives in and she and David make love. While David is showering Nikki sees a picture of her and Victor and makes her think back of the good times with Victor throughout the years.

Jan Barrett

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